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What I wore Wednesday: Ode to a Skirt

Dear skirt:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

You're beautiful.
You're soft.
You have just the right amount of color.
You don't wrinkle easily.
You're the perfect length.
You make my butt look ridiculous.
You're an All Around Gold Medalist in Skirt Awesomeness.

Skirt and Shirt: Ann Taylor. Bracelet: JCrew.
I actually didn't wear this today but it WAS up for consideration for wearing (as in I had it on and changed my mind) because those days happen. Why didn't I wear it? Because it was just too perfect and I wouldn't be seeing enough people who could admire it today.

Don't try to understand my reasoning.

The story of this skirt started a year ago. I saw it at Ann Taylor and promptly died on the spot because I had to have it and it was $118. How do I know that? I just took the tag off of it today. That's right, I've never worn it but we will get to that. So anyway, I saw it and fell in love with it and then promptly forgot about it because there was no way I was going to spend anywhere near that for a skirt that I would surely ruin.

Fast forward a few months and I was perusing the Ann Taylor clearance racks on a whim one day and there it was: my skirt in a size 12 petite on sale for....$12. I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU RIGHT NOW!!! Here was the problem: As you may well know, I was in the throes of being happy, fat and in love so I was a 14 and didn't come anywhere near to fitting in a 12P (which is more like an 8/10 in Ann Taylor language) but I bought it anyway. How could I not?

It's been in my closet since then since I had no idea when I would fit into it. I take it out from time to time to admire it and then last month it finally fit but not comfortably well. However, magic happened. I tried it on just for the heck of it and angels sang the Hallelujah chorus. I paired it with my new silk Ann Taylor shirt that I am obsessed with (also a clearance rack find) and it was perfection. I've waites so long to wear it that today wasn't special enough of a day to debut it so it's waiting another day or 10. It will be glorious when it happens though.

Just look at the close up:

It's layers of silk pleated in the middle for texture because the edges are free. I saw a replica at the Ann Taylor outlet store a few months ago but it was nowhere near the same (someday I will explain how outlet and factory stores work but for now I will just tell you things may look similar but that's it, it's not the same piece). This is definitely an item that I will have tailored down when I hit my goal weight, thank God I have a good tailor.

When I finally wear it I will pair it with my Cole Haan shoes so the skirt can steal the show.

Let us not discuss that my pale, near death skin makes nude shoes look tan. The lady at the Elizabeth Arden counter later week called it "alabaster" but clearly she works on commission. I'll still take it, though.

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