No lamb, no garden, no immaculate conception but there IS something about me.


So this one time I almost broke my face but thought I broke my foot instead and then ate a lot of bread which negated the whole thing. The end.

The silver lining to not being able to go to Maine this weekend to run Beach to Beacon was that I got to go to my uncle's wedding which I was really upset about the prospect of missing. My mom is from a family of seven and he is the only boy so he is spoiled and rightfully so because he's wonderful. He used to babysit me when I was little and he taught me how to tie my shoes and pop tar bubbles in the road when it was really hot. When you live in the middle of the woods you invent your own fun, I guess (Hang out with me sometime and I'll teach you how to pop sap bubbles on pine trees. The good ones squirt pretty far but the downside is spending an hour with your mom brushing it out of your hair with Murphy's oil soap). It was a pretty great day despite being blistering hot because all of my aunts and my uncle were in one place for the first time in years. Maybe even 10. One of my stepbrother's was even there from North Dakota and since I don't see him very often he spends every single visit harassing the snot out of me (is that what brothers do? Because I don't remember ever complaining about being an only child). It was also an awesome day because there was cake, Italian cookies and a fountain that spewed sangria the combination of which equaled heaven. Oh yeah, and the wedding part was pretty awesome too, it's been a while since I've had a new aunt :)

Look at that handsome devil.
If you look above to that happy picture you will see my most favorite and comfortable shoes on the planet, aka my Banana Republic platforms that I bought on a whim two years ago and wear the heck out of. I've even said I could run in them but I haven't tried...although I almost did when the bouquet got a little too close to me. Anyway, as we were leaving and walking down the driveway I totally face planted when I tripped over my own feet. And it wasn't one of those "Oh, I'm falling so I'll catch myself and it won't be so bad!" dealies. Nope. It was a straight up face plant complete with bruised hands, a bloody knee and a foot that felt like I broke something insignificant like a sesamoid bone (insignificant until it's broken, that is).  My aunt and uncle saw the whole thing right behind us which means they could probably tell you what color underwear I was wearing. Epic fall. My mom asked me if my back was ok but seeing as I was caryring my favorite Kate Spade bag I thought she was talking about that and I was relieved that nothing happened to it, back be damned.

My hands are now bruised in the shape of asphalt. Awesome.
I spent half of Saturday night awake because my foot hurt so bad that I was convinced I had broken it and would need a cast therefore knocking me out of my half marathon training. Drama queen much? I finally fell asleep and when I woke up Sunday it felt about 5% better which I figured meant I was good to go running. I was wrong. Other than the 15k I ran two years ago on a stress fracture (to be fair, I didn't know I had one) it was the most painful run I have ever had. I literally thought I was going to throw up at a few points and when I ran off the end of the foot bridge I landed heavy on that foot and it buckled under me. The good news is I still got my 4 miles in that we were doing in the training group, the bad news is that I couldn't walk most of yesterday. What a dumbass. This story has a good ending though and that is that it's fine today, hooray! I know that what I did was stupid but I was panicking that I would be on a slippery slope to not running for a year again right after I just got started.

I'm not sure that there is a moral or a point to this story other than to share with the world that my family had the opportunity to see my underpants for the first time since I used to rock my Popples panties back in my wee years. Oh, and that you shouldn't be stupid and try to run if you're injured. If it WAS broken nothing good would have come of my running yesterday including probably having to cut my shoe off me (although that might be the greatest thing that could ever happen to my Mizunos).

Oh! And one more awesome thing! This was at the party. Hooray for tomato pie and if you're not from Central New York you probably have never seen this. And if you are from CNY then you knew this picture was coming and you're probably jealous as you should be because I ate three pieces and didn't look back.

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