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Checking in

Life as a woman of leisure has been interesting. If you could see the utter chaos I am sitting in the middle of right now as I type this you would probably be horrified and never talk to me again but it's impossible for me to sit still and I am trying to get my life organized. I'm doing it within the confines of my back and am doing it slowly which means it looks like my house is throwing up on itself but I am hoping I will be done by next week (fingers crossed). For the record the only thing that really hurts is doing laundry but unless my doctor is doing to come make sure all my running clothes are springtime line dried fresh there's not much I can do. Anyway, I figured I would give you a play by play of the last week or so in my life because it has been so terribly interesting ;)

I spent feeling sorry for myself and not doing much after my PT. These things happen and sometimes you have to wallow in self misery for a while or, in my case, several days. I also spent a significant amount of the day trying to figure out my medical leave situation because it appears that these things are never cut and dry and I may not get paid again and be able to feed my cat and rabbit until 2013.

I woke up early and went for a seven mile run that seemed like a good idea but my back wasn't in agreement. After that I went to Ulta for a makeover by an Urban Decay makeup artist. A few years ago all I owned was Mac makeup and while I like it I've started to branch out the last year or so and have discovered that I really like Urban Decay. Their quality is really fantastic and my life wouldn't be the same without the Naked palette. It was the first time I had ever had my makeup fully professionally done (and definitely using all one brand) and it was pretty awesome. Well, other than the fact that she refused to put liquid eyeliner on me because I needed to "try something new", whatever that means. So here's my "after" face since I don't post nearly enough extreme close ups of my old lady face.

I would just like to give a shout out to all the Dior and Nars makeup in my life, this doesn't mean I love you any less, I was just doing something different for the day. I promise.

After that I packed up my car and headed to Boston. A friend of mine since high school (who I haven't seen since then) started running a while ago and asked if I would like to run a 5k with her months ago. Run a 5k no, run with someone new in a new city yes so the yes's won out. We went to dinner at a burger place when I arrived that had one of the biggest menus of burgers I had ever seen. My stomach was on strike and let me know just how unhappy it was to receive such a thing but my friend's boyfriend got a burger with Mac and Cheese on it and it was even more stomach clenching looking than my plain one.

After that we went to Hard Rock Cafe to a cd release party (aka the sort of thing that never happens in Syracuse, at least not at a big awesome place with Christina Aguilera's bra hanging on the wall) and on the way home we saw this. I don't think it needs any words, just know that it has entered the Top 10 Moments of My Life.

For the record, if I die in the next 10 years someone please make sure I'm buried in my white leather jacket. Thanks.

Race day and we ran the Tavern to Tavern 5k through Harvard Square. It was only the second year they have done it and it was by far the scariest race I have ever done because they didn't have nearly enough police on route for the full on intersections we were cutting across with cars trying to run us over. I went my usual snail's pace but instead of a 12:30mm which is what I have been pulling I threw down a solid 11mm race. Someday my 8mm will be back, someday...

After that we hung out for most of the day at the bar the race ended at. The longer we sat there the more stuff they kept giving away so in addition to my tech shirt and medal I came home with two glasses and another tshirt. Some people when home with 5 plus tshirt but let's be honest, I probably won't even wear the one I have let alone 5. The good news is I ate another cheeseburger (no carbs whaaat??) that didn't revolt against me and they had amazing Sangria which I am officially addicted to.

Did I mention that I had lost a bet with my Maine coworkers and had to run in a Red Sox shirt? If that's not love I don't know what is.

After we left I took a shower and then headed home a little (ok, a lot) depressed that I did not see one rat at the subway which is why NYC is 10 times greater than any other city. Rat spotting is the best game ever created.

Monday- Today
Monday I spent the day in bed feeling sorry for myself because my back hurt from all that driving and watching Youtube. I felt much better on Tuesday so I started ripping my bathroom apart to reorganize it. That night I had my training run where we played a game where we had to run out and back in 20 minutes and then do it a second time without looking at our watches to get as close to 20 minutes as possible. I came in at 19:23, curses! I sang The Final Countdown during the majority of the 40 minutes and I think everyone else was really excited about it. Yesterday I started ripping my living room apart (despite the fact the bathroom isn't 100% done) and really went to town on it today. I even bought new mini blinds and put up new curtains after I scrubbed my windows. AND I just watched the slipcovers on my furniture as the bun's hair will last through a nuclear holocaust despite how much I vacuum and lint roller. That's why I am sitting in total chaos though. Oh, and I ran 4 miles this morning and I got my base back! But I'll probably talk more about that tomorrow. Or the next day.

Tomorrow I get to go to visit Noah the PT and we'll see if my exercises I've been doing twice a day have helped. I don't feel any different so I'm not sure but the girls sure like to "help" me. When I do the ones on my stomach the bun sits right on the small of my back and takes a bath or chews my hair. After that I will probably go running again and then try to get this living room in order. Pray for me.

"Mom's on the floor, maybe she has treats!!!"
The excitement of my days is overwhelming you, isn't it? I completely understand, I'm downright exhausted.

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