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Bullet Wednesday: Running, Rabbits, and everything in between

The Bun
She is doing much better and I really appreciate all the people who have asked about her. My pets are my kids and it was horrible to see her in so much pain and not be able to do anything about it. After all the research I've done I am 100% sure that it was "just" a bout of GI stasis and not hairballs (that doesn't make it any better, it just means that there was nothing else in combination with it). She has been eating like a champ though and is beyond excited that she gets a large bunch of organic Spring Mix twice a day to keep her GI tract moving at warp speed, so much so that she has started throwing her salad bowl again in protest when it's empty, something she hasn't done since she was young. This picture cracks me up, here she is about an hour ago with her Einstein toy that has three compartments to put treats in and she has to remove the pieces to find the treat (which she always does quickly).

What's up, doc?

My back
It got much better out of nowhere last week but then it went back to ground zero yesterday after I had a pretty physical day at work. I am going to the doctor tomorrow for a recheck but it's safe to say that I will not be making the 12 hour round trip drive to Maine this weekend to run Beach to Beacon which marks the second year I got in (registration closes in 5 minutes on the day it opens) but won't be running it. Maybe next year? *sob*

My July weight loss
July was a tough month because the first week was the week of the Boilermaker and I'm allowed to eat whatever I want the week before a big race (this is my own rule and I'm not changing it) and the week after I went to Philly for a sales meeting which means a lot of hotel food (there is usually cake, all I'm gonna say) and Pat's for an authentic Philly cheesesteak (Whiz wit out!). Therefore I only lost 3lb but the good news is I weigh in on the 28th of every month and even though it was three days ago I am back on track to where I need to be. I have a lofty goal of losing 10lb this month, think I can do it?

My half marathon training
On Tuesday morning my procrastinator self finally ponied up the $150 to Fleet Feet to join their half marathon training program that runs for 12 weeks and started that night at 5:45pm. After being late because I couldn't figure out where everyone was meeting I got put in my group of 10-12 minute milers and we did a 0.6 mile warm up and then did three one mile runs where we tried to improve our time by 10 seconds on each mile. I had to sit out the last mile because I got extremely light headed and thought I was going to pass out which was embarrassing. I didn't eat anything but a Kind bar for breakfast all day though and I haven't been sleeping well because I've been waking up to check on Archie every night so it makes sense. We run on Tuesdays and Sundays and I think Tuesdays will be speedwork and Sundays will be for distance. I'm not sure how I am going to fare on the Tuesday night runs because I historically suck at running in the afternoon or evening but I'm hoping I get used to it. I'm excited though, there are lots of awesome people to talk to so I hope I meet some new running friends. I already saw a girl that I need to be friends with because she had the best shoes ever and her shirt matched them so naturally we should be BFF's (whether she agrees or not). I need to step up my game though, all the girls looked cute in their running clothes and I was in my normal mis-matched business. What can I say, I wear what I like to run in and not what looks good (<-----Who is this person SPEAKING??!). I'm also SUPER excited about being coached and having a set schedule of running, I love structure.

Clothes, glorious clooooothes!
I bought a pair of pants at Banana Republic on mega clearance last weekend in a size smaller than I've been wearing and they fit like a dream so I've been wearing them for the last two days. Score one for fitting in smaller pants and score one for wearing pants many times before washing them. Then today I got my new bathing suit in the mail and despite being scared to try it on it looks so good (did I just say that outloud?) that I am going to order another one in white! (I told you, my love of white clothes knows no bounds). I also finally went to the new BCBG store on Saturday that is now in the mall that's a quarter mile from my house and died on the spot. You may recall that BCBG is part of my shopping trifecta (if only I had a JCrew purchase to go in this love story) so the fact that there is one so close to me is heaven on earth. I couldn't leave without commemorating this momentous occasion so this dress happened despite the fact that I usually loathe ruffles:

I can't wait until fall, swoon!

Waxing poetic
My eyeliner started out a little crazy this morning so I went with it and it ended up amazing which is my metaphor for life. When things look like they're going all wrong just keep working on it and it will all turn out all right.
I could have smile though. And put on some lipgloss. Live and learn.

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