No lamb, no garden, no immaculate conception but there IS something about me.


What do goats have to do with running? Girl gone crazy.

Did you know that goats have horizontal pupils to increase their peripheral vision? So do deer, horses and cows but they aren't as noticeable because their irises are dark vs goats who have lighter caramel colored irises. The fact that goats have such visible horizontal pupils freaks me out to no end however the babies are tiny and cute and I used to love feeding them bottles in tech school (maybe because milk replacer smells exactly like vanilla cake mix).

I enjoy random facts and even more so I love forcing them upon other people. I read a lot of books full of random information in the off chance that I could one day run out of things to say and be forced to pull from my reservoir of infinite knowledge to keep a conversation alive. You. Are. Welcome.

Another random fact: did you know that when you are named Mary people constantly ask you about your sheep or how your garden grows as if it is terribly clever? It's not. Also, I don't recommend calling me Mare. It won't end well for you.

A third random fact: I can NOT spell recommend without spellcheck. Or restaurant. Or conscientiously, despite all the spelling awards I won in elementary school. Some words are just elusive little devils.

massive tangents aside, the goats I saw at the zoo last weekend got me thinking about the Mountain Goat race which got me thinking about the Boilermaker in a few weeks which got me thinking that I am petrified of having the same outcome as the MG. I hope not though, that would be really freakin embarrassing with the amount of people I know there. My MOM goes to this race and she has never nor will ever attend any major events of mine so it's a big deal. I'm trying to do my training though, two weeks in and I'm already doing better than I was all of MG training. Note to self: you can not take a year off from running, become a chubby muffin and then think that one long run a week with prep you for one of the hardest races in the area.

I've put a few miles on my shoes now (almost 20 to be exact) and I'm not gonna lie, we aren't really friends. I'm getting blisters under my calluses every day and they HURT. It's like a deep pain that won't go away even when I pop them. Yes, I pop my blisters. No, I do not believe that I will die from it. 75% of the time they feel better after and I've had a layer of blister under a layer of blister under a callus before and let me tell you what...I'd rather have my wisdom teeth removed again then have that happen a second time. And my wisdom tooth removal wasn't a good one.

I'm still trying to give them time to see if I settle into them since 20 miles isn't really that much. I think I might run in my Ravennas tomorrow and see how that goes. I'm at a total loss here about what to do because I really don't think I need that much stability but it's obvious I need more than I thought. And yes, to my cousin Todd I am aware of the fact that you're yelling at me through the computer right now to start running barefoot...not happening, buddy.

Mileage so far this week:
Sunday: 5 miles
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: 2 miles

My week isn't going too great, with my feet and with life. I'm pretty sure it's because I tried to give the bun a frozen grape last night and she was NOT happy about it. I was equal parts sad for her and laughing hysterically which is really cruel but if you had been here you'd have laughed too. I gave her an entire strawberry afterwards but I think the karma gods are after me now. I may have to buy her some parsley tomorrow or something to right this cosmic wrong.

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