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Jury still out on my new shoes.

I had a lot of really witty and awesome things I wanted to start this post with when I composed it in my head during my run this morning but then I started thinking about how the sooner I get this written the sooner I can get in the shower and then the sooner I can go eat a ton of grapes and all was lost.

Speaking of grapes the bun was in rare form last night running and jumping and doing happy bunny flips. This is probably because I was sitting on the floor with her (which she loves) combined with the fact that I was sitting on the floor while eating grapes which she loves even more than I do (although only slightly). While I was sitting there she ran up, grabbed a grape out of my hand and then ran off to hide and eat her stolen goods in her Crockpot box fort (no, the irony of her favorite spot does not escape me).

Caught in the act!

Running has been going well this week, I did 2 miles on Sunday, 3 Monday, 2 yesterday and 2 today. I was supposed to do three today but I really just wanted to come home. Yesterday was a long one and I ended up talking for 6 hours straight (which you would think I'd love but it wears me out) so I was overtired and didn't sleep great last night. The good news is my runs are getting better which is awesome! I will probably try to run 3 miles tomorrow and then take Friday off and run 5 on Saturday. Also I've woken up on my own at 5:30 the last two days to go running which is good, it's my normal time to get up and I've been in the rut of sleeping until 7am for months (maybe even a year). It might just be the excitement of my new shoes though ;)

The jury is still out on my new shoes but I only have 4 miles on them which is nothing. I am having my normal hot spots on the sides of my feet in my normal blister areas that aren't blisters per say and I have had some weird tingling/numbness on my left heel when running in them. I think that's a combination of them not having as much cushioning in the heel (which is fine, I want to work away from such heavy shoe anyways) and that since I'm not running with my normal stride yet I seem to be doing more heel striking than normal. I do like how much lighter they are though and the toebox is so much more flexible. Who knows, maybe someday I will work my way towards REAL running shoes :)

I've had this weird thing since I was little that I like to wear my new shoes around the house for a few days and stare at them being clean and lovely because really, how long do sneakers stay that clean and smell that good? Not very especially with my goal to get them as muddy as possibly as quickly as possible. But breaking them in meant wearing them while I was laying on the couch watching various Youtube videos the other night and reading blogs. Totally normal, right?

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