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Training schedule: Week One

Can I just tell you how high my level of excitement was when I came home, crashed on the couch in a sweaty puddle of my former self and turned on the tv to discover a Deadliest Catch marathon? Seriously, my little heart went pitter pat and all thoughts of accomplishing anything today went right out the window. Please tell me I'm not the only one that tears up when they show flashbacks of Phil Harris? And owns almost every season on DVD? I am? Oh. Awkward...

Have I ever mentioned that my running clothes never match? Ever? And if they do it was a total coincidence, like how yesterday I noticed that my hot pink shorts matched my new shoes which got me pretty excited until I realized that my bright green shirt with a big running shamrock on it threw the whole thing off and I oddly felt better about it. I will never be that girl who's running clothes match perfectly which is odd given how I dress the rest of the time but I take comfort in that chaos. It's almost like proof that my brain is capable of acting like a normal person's on occasion.

It's ok you're jealous. It happens.
And you can't really tell but my shoes are covered in a lovely layer of dust now, breaking them in is going well and I really like them. I keep getting blisters though so maybe I'm not as neutral of a runner as I thought?

I think I have been doing pretty well with my goal to get myself back into being a running lover and to get ready for the Boilermaker. Last week's mileage was:
Sunday: 2 miles
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: 2 miles
Wednesday: 2 miles
Thursday & Friday: Nada. I used them as rest days/I'magirlanditsucks days
Saturday: Nada. I thought I was going hiking with my friend but it didn't happen

The good news is I did a pretty solid 5 mile run yesterday which made me feel on cloud nine. Today I mentally wanted to do 5 again, physically wanted to do 2 (I started painting my bedroom yesterday so I was stiff today and am brewing a migraine) so I compromised at 3 and am happy with that especially since a storm was coming and the humidity was awful, I hate sweating that much. Grosses me out.

The training plan I'm loosely following calls for my long run to happen on Saturdays but I like them on Sundays instead because it's what I'm used to. Last week I was supposed to do two three milers and one 5 miler and this week is the same. Like all other training plans I'm supposed to cross train on the off days but that just means more running to me. I already have today's three miles done so I technically just need one more this week, probably on Wednesday.

The awesome news is the two and three mile days are getting easier. It's all a mental game now and I know that because I end every run feeling like I could have gone longer. I'm taking it slow though so I don't push too hard too fast and end up where I was mentally at the end of the Mountain Goat. The only person I'm racing is myself and so far I'm doing pretty well.

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