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Running playlist

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long! I spent last week in DC/Arlington/MD for work which meant absolutely no running (or doing anything else outside of working and hunting down every Madewell store I could). It wasn't my intention not to run at all but I was covering a territory that has been open for the last year so I had so much work to do (and so much TRAFFIC to weed through) that I was up at 6am every day working and didn't stop until 9 or so at night. In addition to that I ate at Chick Fil A every single day. Why? BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING!!! And we don't have them in NY so every time I am near one I have to go as often as possible which isn't conducive to running when your stomach isn't use to fried anything. My chicken spree did yield two results: a raging stomach ache as soon as I got home Friday night that didn't stop until last night and a 3lb weight gain (allegedly). Which isn't possible because it takes 3000 unused calories to make a pound of fat and there is NO way I ate 9000 extra calories but it was a good reality check (ETA: I weighed myself this morning and it was more like a .5lb weight gain. That I will believe).

I will say that if I did gain 3lb it would have been completely in cookies and cream milkshakes. So good. Too good. Oy.

ILU <3

So I think if you've read anything on my blog in the past you know how I feel about running with music in general and that is that I'm not a fan. However I do understand than when you're just getting started it really helps with motivation. Today I ran a route I haven't run in well over a year but that was my normal route when I first started exercising and when I was just switching from walking to running in little bits I would time myself by forcing myself to run up until certain parts of a song, then through a whole song and eventually I worked up to running by quarter mile increments which are clearly labeled at this trail.

I was running when I took this. I gots mad skillz, yo.

I stopped running here for quite a few reasons (too flat, too straight out and back, too humid because of being by one of the most polluted lakes in the world, the tom meniscus in my left knee that I ignore most days hates that much running on concrete, etc). However given the amount of crazy hot runner guys out without their shirts on today I may need to rethink it, even if just for one or two runs a week ;) And the reason I ran here today is because there was a race going on at my normal lake which angered me as it was not a race I wanted to run yet interfered with my running, thus forcing me to the swampy air geese filled pit of blazing sun inferno that is this lake.

The trail on the left by the benches and the lake is the walking trail and the one with the dashed lines is the running/biking/rollerblading trail. I usually run down the walking trail a mile or two and then run back on the running trail).

Today's run brought back a lot of memories but it really made me think about how I need to start weaning myself off running with music. Because I was on such a flat out and back trail I really noticed how much I would match my pace and my stride to the tempo of the song which I want to avoid.

I took this while running and listening to music and watching hot guys and NOT paying attention to my Front Foot strike or breathing. Oh well.
HOWEVER, after 16 paragraphs that is not what this post is about. A friend asked me to post what songs are on my running playlist so I felt like I needed to write the aforementioned bit in order to retain a small amount of my dignity (there isn't much so I hang out to it as hard as I can). Also, I get really excited when someone says that actually read this blog so I'll pretty most post about anything you ask me to (clothes posts coming soon for the same reason. Sorry, Uncle Jim). And let's be honest, what I am about to list isn't going to make anyone think very highly of me as a person. In fact this list might make most people weep in the same way that I weep every time I see ANOTHER damn post about "OMGIT'SSOGOODYOUHAVETOREAD50SHADESOFGREY!!!111!1!" on my FB feed. And I do mean weep.

But what I have in literary snobbery I make up for in my ridiculous taste in music. If you've met me then chances are good you're aware that I bow down to the queen of pop, Ms Britney Spears and will continue to do so until the end of time. No, you will never change my mind. Yes, if you go on a road trip with me then you will be forced to listen to her along with me singing along. You're welcome in advance.

I also like Nickelback. Those dudes just right the same song over and over which helps for some consistent running, so sue me.

Anyhoots, here is my list. I'm ok with you judging, I can take it. Just don't tell me about it ;)

My running playlist:
Living on the Edge, Aerosmith
Undo It, Carrie Underwood
Smooth Criminal, Alien Ant Farm
Boys (Coed Remix), Britney Spears
Til the World Ends (Femme Fatale remix with Nicki Minage and Kesha), Britney Spears
Bad Medicine, Bon Jovi
Remedy, Seether
Gasoline Remix, Pitbull and Lil John
Bad Girlfriend, Theory of a Deadman
Livin on a Prayer, Bon Jovi
Harder to Breathe, Maroon 5
Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor), Pitbull
Crazy, Aerosmith
Yeah, Usher (I use this as a warm up, reminds me of college)
Hold It Against Me, Britney Spears
Cryin, Aerosmith (I was a big fan of Aerosmith back in the day, it stuck with me)
So Fine, Sean Paul
Stronger, Kelly Clarkson (MY JAM)
Break the Ice, Britney Spears
Feel It, Three 6 Mafia
Best of You, Foo Fighters
If I Had You, Adam Lambert
Get Busy remix, Sean Paul ft Fat Man Scoop
Paralyzer, Finger Eleven
Baby Boy, Beyonce and Sean Paul
Walk This Way, Aerosmith and Run DMC
Beat It, Fall Out Boy and John Mayer version (it's good, I swear)
Headsprung Remix, LL Cool J feat Justin Timberlake
Something in Your Mouth, Nickelback
Carry Out, Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake
Bottoms Up, Nickelback
Porn Start Dancing, My Darkest Days
I Know You Want Me, Pitbull
Shout at the Devil, Motley Crue
Burn It to the Ground, Nickelback
Living in a Dream, Finger Eleven
A Warriors Call, Volbeat (my current power song)
Fighter, Christina Aguilera (I finished my first 5k to this song)
Inside of You, Hoobastank
OMG, Usher
Never Again, Kelly Clarkson
Dirry, Christina Aguilera
Bad, The Cab
Pour Some Sugar on me, Def Leppard
Low Remix, Flo Ride ft Travis Barker
Poison, Bel Biv Devoe
Holding Out for a Hero, Bonnie Tyler
Make Me Wanna Die, The Pretty Reckless
Sweeter, Gavin DeGraw
Titanium, David Guetta ft Sia

And my current favorite jam which is on heavy roration in my life, not just running, I probably listen to it 5 times a day:

So yeah, that list was pretty embarrassing. I'm going to go run around outside in my underpants now because that's the only thing that will top it.


  1. Nice play list for running. I too am getting my running grove back and suggested I run to music. I currently have no play list, but stumpled apon a great website to use. I am running to participate in a 5k in two weeks and have NEVER used any time of music. I want to run a 11 min mile and there are songs on this site that will get you there based on their BPM beats per min. So cool. Any whoo, keep up the good work and take care of that knee. oh and the website :

  2. I see your appreciation for Sean Paul. GIRLFRIEND, I knew we were soul mates. Anyway, have you heard his new (to me) song, "She Don't Mind"? SOOOO GOOD. Also I like "I can only Imagine" by David Guetta and Chris Brown. Colin and I have dance parties to that at 6:30pm most nights. Tuckers him out but GOOD.