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Closets need love too.

No, really, who else is crying over Deadliest Catch right now?

Seriously, no one? You're all heartless.

I say that with love.

It's too much for Archie to bear.

I started painting my bedroom yesterday. It made sense since I spent all of last year's Memorial Day painting my kitchen and it was the last time I painted anything. My kitchen has a sloped ceiling that is 10-12 feet on one side and it took me 2 coats of primer and 4 coats of paint to cover the previous color and I'm still emotionally scarred. This year I didn't put a lot of pressure on myself (seeing as it IS a holiday and normal people are hanging out at lakes eating hot dogs) and decided that if I could get the trim done this weekend I would be happy.

That being said I had this epiphany on my way home from the paint store yesterday (my apologies to them that I showed up right after my 5 mile run in air so humid it felt and looked like I was running in bath water...but didn't smell like it, I'm sure) that I should paint my closet too. I moved into my apartment 6 years ago and I painted the whole thing over the course of a month before I moved in but I never did the closet since I was in a time crunch. It had a quick paint job on it from my landlords but nothing that looked great and it really needed a refreshing.

Yesterday I managed to get one window painted (I wanted it done asap so that I could get my AC in), the closet doors painted, the inside of the closet painted, my bedroom door painted and the trim along the closet wall. I also went through my closet and cleared out some clothes and shoes that I don't use so it all took a lot longer than I expected. I had plans to do more today but I found the Deadliest Catch marathon and I need to leave for work in a few hours so I figured I could do it next weekend. After last year's kitchen fiasco I figured what's the rush?

I tried to take pictures but on my iphone the colors look exactly the same. Trust me though that the new shiny white is SO much better than the old dingy 6 year old off white.

I finally chose a wall color too and it's Stonington Grey by Benjamin Moore. It's a permanent color but I found it in the Pottery Barn Winter 2010 color selection swatches (since I never throw them away). Every room but my living room is now a Pottery Barn color which makes sense because if I could set up camp in the middle of that store and never leave I would be the happiest girl ever.

Here's what it looks like in a few bedroom pictures I found online:



I seriously can't wait until it's done, I am BEYOND excited! The light pink in the first room is making me rethink the hot pink sheets I have though...typical.

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  1. “Closets need love too” – I most certainly agree! Even closets and doors need some love and attention. And it is good that you managed to paint them all, despite your busy schedule and Deadliest Catch marathon. But when you look at your newly painted closet door and kitchen, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you will be looking at that refreshing white color for some time now.

    [Darryl Margulies]