No lamb, no garden, no immaculate conception but there IS something about me.


Frozen yogurt is my favorite! Tied with running, of course.

I love Ikea. Love with a capitol L O V E. Sadly, the closest one in any direction of where I live is 4 hours. I have no idea why Ikea and Chick Fil A hate upstate NY so much but they should stop and come closer to me.

The good news is that there is an Ikea about an hour from the very edge of my downstate territory so sometimes I suck it up to drive through NJ just to wander around the amazingness that is cheap Swedish design. Sadly, they no longer make the nightstand that matches the one I have (nor do they have one tall enough for my bed since it appears that the Swedes prefer to sleep with their mattresses directly on the floor whereas I am a princess and require my bed as close to the ceiling as possible) which was the whole reaosn for my visit so I left empty handed and confused about what to do with the left side of my bed. Although I didn't really leave empty handed because I was able to make the one hour drive worth it with one of my favorite things on the planet...

Frozen yogurt! One dollar. One hundred calories. One happy Mary.

Soft serve frozen yogurt also hates upstate NY. Maybe it's time to move?

To add to my frozen yogurt happiness I'm happy to report that I hit the goal weight I had set for myself for the end of May today! That means 8lb lost in May and 25lb lost since February. Go me! I'm not willing to tell you what the exact numbers are right now but maybe someday :) When I lost weight the first time I rarely talked about it and never talked about numbers and that's the way I am now. I always read that you need to create a support system and confide in people to be successful but that's not how I work in life and it's not how I work with weightloss. But at the end of it all I will probably share. I am not sure what the goal I will set for myself for June but hopefully it will be the same or better than May's because I don't have a week's worth of eating Chick Fil A and sitting on my bum to counteract.

This morning I did a three or four mile run (I'm not sure because part of the lake was blocked off so they could work on the trail so I had to turn around and back track). I did wear my Ravennas today and they felt a lot better than the Mizunos (do you like my lack of continuity where I call one pair by the shoe name and one by the brand name?) although I did get a blister. I'm not counting it though because it didn't hurt which means it didn't exist. My logic = awesome. My shoe saga continues though since I'm not sure what to do just yet. Maybe run in my hiking boots? Because THOSE never give me blisters.

Oh! But guess what! About 2 miles in I totally hit my sweet spot! The spot where my brain turns off, my stride lengthens and I just run. It's what I've been waiting for and I'm not sure when it will be back but for a mile or so it was there so I know that it's on the horizon! Hooray!

I'm taking tomorrow off from running to let my feet heel a little bit and because my knee hurt a lot today. I think it was because it was a lot cooler today, it's been in the 80's at 7:30am and today it was 65 and glorious. I run on a torn meniscus in my left knee that I opted not to have surgery on so sometimes the arthritis in it acts up and I need to give it a day or two to stop aching.

Saturday though, I'm back at it. Anything more than one rest day now and I get antsy. And that, my friends, means the magic is coming back :)


  1. Chick fil a is everwhere down here, though not in my city. I only have to go 15 miles and then there is one every 5 miles after that.

    1. I would weight 100lb more than I do if I was that close.

  2. Wright Socks really made a difference in helping my blisters, at least from my shoes to foot blisters (toe and toe is a different story). Once they healed up I switched to SmartWool socks and haven't had problems with blisters again. Also have you tried getting refitted for different sneakers? You gain weight you lose weight your stride changes. That was part of the story with me.

    I also tend to hold back on my weight loss and gain journey. What do you keep as an internal motivation for weight loss?

    1. Hi Melissa! I wear Balega socks for running and Smartwool for hiking (they're too thick for me for running). I know that my stride has changed which is why I got fitted for new shoes two weeks ago and that's the struggle I'm having right now, whether or not the new shoes are right for me.

      I'm not really sure what my motivation is, to be honest. I think I will put some thought to it and make a post about it, thanks for the idea!

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss! :) Frozen yogurt helps in one’s digestive health also. It contains probiotics that enhance which can reduce the risk of allergic reactions and can aid in lactose digestion for those who are lactose intolerant.

    Joseph Carr