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New shoes and a new commitment

I think I need new running shoes. (FYI did you know that I'm not allowed to say "I think" in work situations? Literally? And it turns out I say it a lot, who knew?) Yesterday during the Mountain Goat my shoes just didn't feel....right. And given that I can't really remember when I bought them or how many miles I've put on them I think it's best if I go and buy new ones so I can keep track and not go over 400 or so miles. This idea probably also spurred by the fact that when I went with my friend to get shoes for her at Dick's Sporting Goods I saw these:

Brooks Ravenna 3

Of course I died instantly because they look awesome! I'd be so fast in those! Like Speedy Gonzales! Clearly the entire reason I've been so slow is because my shoes have no life or vibrancy! I've been running in these for the last two years (not the same exact pair, obviously...which is another word I can't say at work, ha!):

Brooks Ravenna 2
And they're kind of mega boring in comparison. Although the new ones wouldn't show dirt as much and I like when my dirt shows ;)

I have no idea what the difference is between the 2 and 3 other than the fact that the yellow and black ones look cooler. And since I never pay attention to what my shoes look like this is a weird thing for me but I like them so I want them! Although I am toying with the idea of getting refitted since I haven't been fitted since I started running and sometimes I feel like I'd like a little less shoe. So many choices though, sigh.

Also, for the record I could buy the exact same shoes I have on the Brooks website for $35 less than the $100 they normally are (I'm guessing they will be discontinuing the Ravenna 2's) but I'm not a cheater! Fleet Feet does so much more than just sell shoes for the running community here and I like keeping my money local when I can.

(I just went to check my shoes and saw that the treads are worn down at the forefront as I'm typically a toe striker and that's where I was feeling like I was lacking the cushion and support I wanted. I'm willing to bet the insole is worn out in that area as well. New shoes it is!).

I did a lot of thinking during the race yesterday and I really feel like I need to be more committed to my running. The last thing I want is to run the Boilermaker with the same exact results because I would be devastated. I have a few weeks before the Fleet Feet runs start at the lake on Sunday mornings so I need to make it a point to run 3-4 miles a day at least 3 days a week with a long run on Saturday or Sunday that I will increase by a mile or so every week. I've been pretty wishy washy about my training which worked two years ago when I was running more often but isn't working right now. I can't expect results without the work so I just need to buckle down and do it!

When I can walk again, that is. Yikes.

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