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Tell me I'm not the only one who loves the smell of new sneakers...

Remember when I said that I had a total life break down in Dick's Sporting goods a few weeks ago if I didn't get these new shoes as soon as possible?

Well I went to Fleet Feet today because it was across the street from a place I was working and these happened instead:

The Mizuno Inspire 8. Aren't they beautiful? They're so shiny in person (you can't tell in the picture but the blue and purple parts on the shoe are shiny!) and I MIGHT be in love at first step.

I know, I know, I'm such a fickle woman but there's a reason this happened.

I walked into Fleet Feet today in a dress (as I was working but on my lunch) with the intention of getting a new pair of Brooks Ravennas 3 only to find out they were no longer carrying them. You can imagine what happened next...

Shock! Horror! PANIC!!! TEARS! How could Fleet Feet do this to me? I trusted them and was loyal and this is how I was being repaid??!?

But Chris, the awesome lady who was assisting me, let me blather on about how heartbroken I was and she let me know that they were willing to order them for me. However then I told her that I had been thinking of trying new shoes anyway because I wasn't sure that the Ravennas were exactly what I need anymore and maybe this was a sign. I've been wearing them for over 2 years and I was a different runner then compared to what I am now. Plus I keep getting blisters on the end of my second toe after almost every run over 5 miles and blisters on the inside of my foot under my big toe.

Chris thought that my shoes were too small and that's what was causing my blisters but she measured me and my left foot was an 8 and the right was an 8.25 which meant that my running shoe size of 9 was accurate (I always go up have a size to allow for movement and swelling). She asked me if I was open to another pair of Sauconys (I hated my ProGrid Guide 2's) and I figured why not so she brought a pair out (I have no clue what the model was). I immediately didn't like them, they were more of a stability shoe and they were just too heavy and too much.

The next pair she had me try (did I mention that by "try" I mean run on the track in the store in my dress? Which is proof that I wasn't planning on changing shoes and also that I have no shame) were the beauties above, the Mizuno Inspire 8. Even just running a few feet in them they felt like the greatest shoes I've ever run it. There is a ton of flexibility in the toe and they're so light! They're completely different than what I'm used to running in but in a good way. They're the exact same heel to toe drop as my Ravennas but still feel like less shoe somehow (maybe it's the ounce less that they weight?). I'm not sure what it is but I am equally excited and scared to try them tomorrow because I'm hoping that they will be as awesome on the trail but worried that I just fell in love too fast and didn't put enough thought into them. The good news is that if they aren't Fleet Feet will take them back.

In other news I ran 3 miles this morning and it was awesome! I think my love of running might just be creeping back and not a moment too soon because my Boilermaker training started today. Pray for me ;)

Also, DiorSkin Forever Flawless Foundation is my new reason for getting up in the morning. Well, that and that it's strawberry season which is mine AND the bun's reason for getting up in the morning.

Also, if you want to read the specs on my new shoes you can check them out here.

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