No lamb, no garden, no immaculate conception but there IS something about me.


Sometimes you feel like a run, sometimes you don't.

This morning I almost died because I had gone over 12 hours with no grapes. Closer to 24, actually. I didn't buy any last night because I wanted to use it as a motivator to get up and run this morning which did and didn't work. I did get up, I did put on my running clothes and I did get in the car....only to discover it was raining. I. Don't. Do. Rain. I made a valiant effort in actually driving to the lake, sitting in the car for 5 minutes and then saying to myself, "I'll run on the treadmill when I get to my hotel tonight" (so hold me to it!) and then went to Wegman's to buy 2lb of delicious awesomeness. Point being, sometimes a workout happens and sometimes it doesn't but that doesn't mean you can't redeem yourself later...if I actually do, that is.

Oh, and I also couldn't run this morning because I did 60 squats yesterday, 30 with weights and 30 without, so my legs are like walking on stilts. I'm in a constant state of OMFGOW these days but I'm cool with it, I deserve it after months of Olive Garden and couch surfing.

Overall this low carb thing is going ok. I have a ridiculous resolve when I decide I am or am not doing something so I haven't been craving much. I'm not even sure that I want to eat any complex carbs tomorrow but I know I need to or else I won't have any energy for my long run Saturday. I'm probably going to slowly start adding them back in next week anyway though so I need to get used to them again. But I've been two weeks without sugar! (I don't count the weekend when I ate frosting and two inches of cake though, it was a holiday). I don't forsee it coming back any time soon either.
Fast forward several hour and a couple hundred miles later and it's tonight! And I did run, I did some speedwork on the treadmill in the fitness room and my motivator was that I wasn't allowed to eat dinner (Panera chopped chicken cobb salad, yum!) or read my new books until I ran. It wasn't a glorious run by any means, my legs hurt and I actually called my ipod some unsavory names for playing two of my power songs in a row when I was doing speedwork but I did it and now I'm on my bum so it was worth it. Back at it in the morning.

And can I just interject to say how unhappy I am that Hilton seems to think that two ESPN channels AND a GOLF channel are more important than having Bravo?? I am so not happy. Sososososo not happy. But I am watching Survivor and I like the little guy and I found a super big comfy blanket in the closet that I'm burritoed in right now so my rage has slightly subsided.

But back to the real awesome part of that paragraph, new books, you say? Yes, new books. So Panera was right next to Target and I got to my hotel early so I went over to get another pair of cheap running pants...and ended up with books instead. Typical. But the books I got are both really great, I got:

I used to have all the Eat This, Not That a couple of years ago but I lent them to a guy and then quickly learned that until I am married I will never let another man touch my books. You heard it hear first, folks. I'm pretty excited about this one though, I saw a list of snacks that they rated with grading like a high school test. These books are a must have if you travel or eat out a lot, I love them.

The other book is a new release by a woman who's blog I read, Kelle Hampton. Her writing is so beautiful and true and I can't wait to read her book. I hope it lives up to my lofty expectations. It's a hardcover, which I hate, but I think this book might be best purchased as hardcover. I'll let you know how it is though.

For anyone wondering, the bun is doing ok. She's been quiet and wanting to be around me more (when I'm not dragging her out of her cage to give her her pain medication and check her mouth) but she's eating well so I'm happy about that. I hate being away from her tonight though, I changed my whole schedule to go back home with her tomorrow. Spoiled bun...

Finally, a use for my phone book!

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