No lamb, no garden, no immaculate conception but there IS something about me.


Bring it.

I know you're just reading this because you're dying to know how many miles I drove during the end of the quarter. I know that the anticipation has been killing you since last week. I bet you even lost a little sleep about it, didn't you? Well anticipate no more, my friends! The number was....

3303 miles.

Swear on the bun.

Which means that the winner is a new reader to my blog, a gal who writes over at Domestically Seasoned. Her guess was 3271 miles so she was REALLY close! Makes sense since she is from upstate NY too (just email me your address and I will send your prize along soon!). Great job from everyone else who guessed but I am sure glad I didn't drive 5000+ miles, Kristy ;)

I just wiped chocolate out from between the H and the J keys of my Macbook. Ridiculous. I AM the reason I can't have nice things.

Yesterday I made a quick little trip to Philly (more about that later in the week) so I couldn't go running because I left too early in the morning. I did get to go this morning and even though my goal was 6 miles I only managed 4 (I had an hour long conference call right before so it sucked any will I had to run). I was happy with that though, it was better than NOT running four miles. Later in the day I got the dreaded question: Are you training for a marathon? And while I know that it's an innocent question and not one I mind answering it still rubs me the wrong way a little bit. I feel like the marathon is "THE" distance for running. That to some people if you want to call yourself a runner you need to have completed that monster 26.2 sometime in your life. But do you know what I say to that?


I have no desire to run a marathon. Marathon training is a job, a full time one even. Before you know it your fun Sunday long runs become four hours long, you wonder how you're going to fit your training runs in during the week, you're dealing with injuries that take you out of the normal running season and as soon as you run the race you lose your love for running, at least for a little bit. And I realize that not everyone is like this but I would be like that and I know it. I'm pretty happy to keep my base at a solid 10-15 miles. It's something I can easily keep up with a 2 hour long run on Sundays and 4-6 miles runs during the week and with the amount of travel I do this is something I can maintain and be happy. So for now and for quite some time I have no desire to run one. But check for me at pretty much any race with a distance between 6-13 miles within 6 hours of me this summer...chances are good that I will be there.

Also if you're running a race let me know...I might need to do it too. I'm pretty proud of all the people I've seen on Facebook lately posting about running, it makes my heart happy and I'd love to run with any of you. Even my delusional ex boyfriend from a few years past has decided that he will be able to run a 5k faster than me by October. For the record, THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS STATEMENT I HAVE EVER HEARD COME OUT OF HIS MOUTH! And I have heard some ridiculous things from him. I am really not a competitive person when it comes to sports but I am NOT a fan of people I know passing me especially when there is a snowball's chance in hell it will happen. Therefore I say game on, buddy. Game on ;)

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