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Extreme makeover bedroom edition

I've been reading a lot of house design blogs lately. And by lately I mean the last year or so because some of you may remember that I was supposed to be moving in May. If you didn't know that please feel free to ask my customers about it because I had told roughly 25% of the 400-500 hospitals I cover that I would be moving so not a week goes by that someone doesn't ask me when I am and if I'm excited about it or if I need boxes. It's kind of like Groundhog's Day but with a bunny and less money in royalties.

Anyway, I'm not moving anymore but am still obsessed with changing my space all the time. It makes sense since I used to play with Barbies and Fisher Price Little People a LOT when I was small but I never really acted any story lines out. Instead I would spend hours constructing the perfect layout for their living spaces (usually in a toy wagon so that they had more of an open loft feel) and bartering my cousin (who went to the same babysitter as I did) for the coveted Fisher Price Little People toilet. Seriously people, if this doesn't prove that my nerdiness is buried deep in my double helix I don't know what will.

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Back to the decorating, I was pretty excited to move for many reasons but one of them was because I was going to get to start all over from scratch. I recently finished my living room and although I love it it was far too girly for when I moved and I was really excited about the prospect of having a grey living room. I've wanted a dove grey room since the very first time I logged on to Pinterest because it's just so...awesome. And perfect. And versatile. But my living room is a wonderful color right now and decorated just how I want it so I don't want to change it.

Enter: my bedroom.

It's dark because I'm not a photographer. Sorry, kids.
A few things about my bedroom:
-I love that color and it's been that color for 5.5years in this apt and a year in my last. However, I need a change...I think. I might wake up screaming one night because my beloved Lucy Blue is gone but only time will tell.
-I bought my glorious bed a year ago after I was sleeping better at hotels than at home. Before then I was sleeping on the same bed that I've had since I was 15. Yikes! And I am NOT one of those people who are into low beds. I prefer a step stool, thanks. But my room was decorated around my old bed, not this one.
-I love my duvet (Pottery Barn) but it's really heavy and scratchy.
-I hate how the ceiling fan looks but I can't sleep without it. Plus my landlord would probably be ticked if I put up the chandelier of my dreams.
-Everything is just mismashed here. I need some cohesion.
-Oh, and yes, that is a teddy bear and his name is Henry. He remains one of the only things that I have from my life before my house burned down when I was 24 so he will stay with me until the end of time. It's funny the things you get attached to when you lose everything. I'm as equally attached my rock hammer.

What are my plans?
1) Dove grey walls with white trim (after 6 years the trim needs a redo).
2) White coverlet and a grey and white striped duvet for my comforter
3) Those sheets are staying. They're my world and WAY more pink in person.
4) Another night stand for the left side to balance things
5) Artwork above the bed. I have a lot of ideas, maybe framed lace? I love lace.
6) New lamps for the nightstands, I am thinking light turquoise glass but haven't found the right ones yet
7) Maybe new carpeting? My mom has been obsessed with putting a new carpet in since I moved in even though she's only been in my bedroom twice for 30 second intervals but I might let her win.
8) A new dresser. Mine is cherry from my 15 year old furniture and doesn't fit my stuff in it (it's on the other side, you can see the top of it on the right). I'd like to get one from a thrift store and paint it light turquoise maybe? We'll see though, our thrift stores aren't stellar around here.
9) Maybe another piece of DIY art. I have an idea but it depends on how it turns out.

So there you have it. Hopefully I will start painting next weekend although moving that bed is going to be a challenge. I'll keep you update as it goes :)

Also, since we were talking about 80's toys, want to know what still gives me nightmares?
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  1. hey-o check out a Re-store place, if there is one around. It's the habitat for Humanitys store where they take stuff in from contractors, and others, and resell it for cheap, the one in albany always has funiture.