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Panera, why have you forsaken me??

Today, my heart broke. Literally.

I've been wondering why I haven't lost much weight this week even though I've been off refined sugar for 4 weeks and have been almost completely off carbs (other than fruit and vegetables and other than Thursdays and Fridays) for 3 weeks. The only sugar I've been eating has been Panera strawberry smoothies of which I have probably had one every day this week (today was once...because it was 4:00 and I had missed I don't wanna hear it, desperate girls make desperate decisions).

So on my 2.5 hour drive home today while sipping my gallon of smoothie I got to thinking...and then I got to googling...and then I found out how many grams of sugar are in one smoothie. Are you ready to hear it?

53 grams.


Be. Still. My Heart.

Now it's safe to say that you'd be hard pressed to find someone that loves Panera more than I do and I probably eat there almost every single day, no exaggeration (just ask my supervisor, she's the one who approves my expense reports). That being said, I also know how dirty they can be with advertising themselves as being healthy. My favorite sandwich of ALL TIME is their Italian Combo. Care to guess how many calories in that baby? 1100. Want to know how many calories a day I try to stick to when trying to lose weight? 1200-1300. *sob* Therefore I know better than to not check labels but I trusted them on this one and that trust has been broken!

With this new discovery of mine I'm thinking that that combined with the 2lb a grapes I am eating every two days (literally) isn't working out so well to me so....they're gone. I'm having a nervous breakdown just thinking about it but sugar is my gateway drug and it just has to happen.

Pray for me.

Anyway, check your labels and check calorie counts online! Restaurants are required to post nutritional information at least online if not on their menu so don't just check the calories, find out what else is lurking in there. You can eat healthy in any restaurant as long as you put a little effort into it, even if it involves threatening the waitress if she comes anywhere near your table with the dessert selection (that may or may not have happened on Saturday...)

On a funny note, remember my crock pot adventure last night? I turned the box into a fort for the girls and there has been a power struggle for it...aka Archie is in it and Trixie keeps hissing at her out of frustration but don't mess the bun, she always wins.

There was a staredown first...

Doesn't Archie look just like a Moray eel?? Kills me.

And then Trixie grabbed her feather toy and started kicking it, I think as a threat. The bun wasn't impressed though because she recently fought a vicious Macbook cable and won so she's kind of a big deal around here.

In her own mind, that is. She gets it from me.

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