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Carbs: In, Sugar: Out

I frequently recieve emails from both Living Social and Groupon. Before today I had only bought working-out related deals but sometimes they have a gem that's just too good to pass up.

A gem that allows me to get this shirt:

And this shirt:

So what if I don't wear tshirts in public? These two are a solid win.

I went carb/sugar free for a full 36 hours and cracked yesterday afternoon to the tune of a piece of baguette at Panera. It was an intentional crack though because I wasn't sure that it was something I really wanted to do anyway. I have always maintained that I eat healthy because it is good for me, not because it's a diet. I also don't believe in fad diets. I bought some books on the Paleo Diet and some books on going low carb and have spent the last few weeks reading them but at this point I don't think either will work for me. Unless I eat a ton of nuts every days there is no way I will be able to get enough calories in to sustain the amount of running mileage I'm working towards and I need carbs for running too. It's crazy of me to think I don't especially since my long run will be up to 7 miles this week and up to 10 miles by the beginning of May. Truth be told, I don't believe that carbohydrates are the devil and I really don't eat that many complex carbs anyway. Therefore I took a vote between myself and my whole wheat English muffins and it was unanimous that they stay.

Sugar is gone though (other than Greek yogurt or organic jam in the morning). It's been 3 days already. Farewell, my friend.

Back to carbs. I was thinking about getting rid of them because I can't seem to lose much weight. I gave up my scale for March and once I weighed myself last week I saw that I only lost 2lb. Losing 2lb is better than gaining 2lb but it's still frustrating. Once I put some thought to it though I realized two glaringly obvious things: I'm not working out often enough and when I am it's just running which my body is used to by now.

My first plan of attack in this is to start running more which I have, I have logged 14 miles since Saturday with Sunday as a rest day. It's not a ton but like I've said before I'm building it slowly. I'm hoping to get in another 11 miles by Sunday which will bring my week to 25 miles. Good start in my opinion, not only in the getting my mileage back but also in regards to getting used to getting up at 5:30am to run. It's painful but it's going o....zzzzzzz.....k.

My second goal is to start adding in some strength training. I loathe strength training to the core of my being but I know that I need to do it to lose weight and become a better runner. My whole reason for anything right now is to get back to my normal mileage and pace and I can't do that when I'm an untoned chubby muffin. My mileage isn't far and my pace isn't fast but it's what I want, damnit!

To recap: Carbs yes, cardio yes, strength training yes, :'(

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