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Bunday (she tried to kill herself) Monday

I had two things on my agenda yesterday (besides cleaning my car and avoiding chocolate at all costs): take a picture of the bun for Easter and to put up a post since I want to try to blog daily.

Guess what didn't happen?

Guess why?

If you are a Facebook friend of mine or follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you know a bit of what happened but if you aren't subjected to my daily ramblings on any of those outlets here's the story:

I was sitting on the couch last night when I heard a pop, saw a flash of light and then smelled burning hair. It took a second to register but I immediately looked for the bun who I found cowering behind the couch. I picked her up and smelled burning hair accompanied by all of her whiskers being singed off, a big patch of burned hair on her normally white paw and ash around her mouth accompanied by a blackened tooth. I immediately freaked out and forgot all of my emergency medicine skills for about 30 seconds but after a hysterical phone call to a friend who also has a bunny, I checked her out and couldn't find any signs of a wound. Her mouth looked a little swollen and she was definitely spooked but appeared physically ok otherwise. I put her in in cage and offered her a dried strawberry which she ate. Then I offered her her favorite fling toy and she reluctantly took it to throw but then threw it several times after. I gave her some pain medication and checked on her all night long with no issues. Today I took her to see her veterinarian to make sure she didn't have any burns in her mouth that could ulcerate and require antibiotics. Other than a bad burn on her lip and a less severe one in the back of her mouth she appears healthy to him. She needs a week of pain medication but otherwise she is ok, thank goodness.

Archie was NOT happy about going to the vet but that's what she gets.  And she's lucky I let her have one of my Hello Kitty blankets.
And what, pray tell, did my perfect little princess of a bunny chew through? My MacBook Pro power cable, waaaaaahhhh!!! To everyone who keeps asking me YES, my living room is bunny proofed. This was entirely my fault as I frequently have my computer plugged in while she is out and usually have the cord out of her reach but she was able to get to it and almost burn my house (and herself) down. At least she is ok though which was my main concern. I get that most people don't get why I love my pets so much and that's ok. Just know that I do and I just want them happy and healthy and free of singed hair.

That paw should be entirely white. As should that power cable. 


-My mother was more excited over that sheep shaped butter than any other gift I have given her in the last 10 years. She even HUGGED mom is not a hugger or an affectionate person in the least. Therefore I believe the butter can go down as a success.

-I didn't run yesterday or today because I am trying to listen to my body and it's still sore from Saturday's run. Tomorrow morning though it's Game On...if I don't wake up every hour to check on the bun again.

-I did eat cake yesterday but only about 2 inches worth. I also ate a baked potato and almost died on the spot because it was so good.

-I'm off carbs and sugar again today. Carbs until Thursday, sugar indefinitely. And by indefinitely I mean until I am in Portland, Maine in 2 weeks and get to go to Whole Foods and eat my weight in lemon bars (have you had their lemon bars?? Amazing considering I don't even like lemon and even better frozen).

-I have been on the hunt for off the shoulder shirts and couldn't find any anywhere. I finally caved to Victoria's Secret ridiculous shipping costs and ordered on only to find out it was cropped when it arrived. Womp womp. So if you see any somewhere help a girl out, I need some! NEEEED!

-Despite the bun's issues some pretty awesome things happened today: I got a card with a bunny on it from one of my college roommates from Hobart, I got a stuffed Hello Kitty holding a cupcake in the mail from my head trainer at work and my landlord finally mowed the grass at my house so it no longer looks like it's in foreclosure. Solid day for sure.

-I am obsessed with the show Shahs of Sunset. I can't help myself, I just can't. And now you know.

-I got a basket for Archie's Easter picture and although it will be delayed by a few days it will be super cute when it's done. My goal is to a take a theme picture of her every month until I can make a whole calender for next year and force them onto people who don't want them.

-I cleaned my car out yesterday after a long fall and winter of not touching it. There is nothing I love more than a clean car...nothing. Ok, that's a lie, I love frozen yogurt more. But that's it.

So fresh and so clean...and so free of sunflower seeds and shale bits.
-My favorite snack is currently this Combination of Awesome (which I took to my mom's yesterday and it never made the 45 minute car ride):
I'm eating 2lb of grapes every 2-3 days right now and the discovery of that cheese is my reason for living. Also, someday I will discuss my love of Nalgene bottles but you're not ready for that yet.

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