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How carbs affect my running...and Raegan is 1!

The randoms:
Last week my trainer for work was riding with me for a few days when I saw something that caught my eye: a place called "Clip Shoppe" which I naturally started freaking out over being the most brilliant name of all time. Imagine my disappointment when he pointed out that the business was actually a grooming place and not the low cost spay and neuter clinic that I had initially thought. Wouldn't it have been the most awesome name EVER if it had been though? Sometimes I think I have been in veterinary medicine for far too long when things like this happen and sometimes I think that I am just getting started. It's a peek into how my brain works though and if I were you I wouldn't try digging any deeper.

Speaking of which is there anything better than stumbling across a Deadliest Catch marathon? I think not.

Also, did you read my post about my crafting extravaganza? Well Shannon, the matermind behind it, is hosting a giveaway. Check it out!

The real reason we're here:
Despite my long drawn out post the other day about why I decided not to cut complex carbs out of my diet after all...I kind of did. Other than apples I barely had any carbs last week and none at all on Thursday or Friday. Thursday, if you recall, is the day that I went to Zumba and I was exhausted while doing it. I attributed this to spending most of the day with a migraine but I am now thinking it may have something to do with my lack of bread products because of the disaster that was today.

Today was my third training run for the Mountain Goat run and I got to the run ok. I was a little stiff and sore still from Zumba but nothing major, I slept pretty well last night and I even met a nice lady who was looking for her friends while I was waiting for mine. However as soon as I took my first few steps running I was miserable. Not only did I have lead feet I had lead everything. I literally felt like someone had poured concrete into every appendage and then told me to run. I tried my hardest but it was a difficult run, I fought for every one of those 6.5 miles. I was pretty disappointed considering how much better I felt last week vs the previous week but not every run is a good one and I know that.

I would be willing to bet that my issues were a combination of Zumba kicking my butt and not having enough glycogen in my reserves. I can't eat at all before a race because I have an awful stomach that hates me and has since birth so I have to rely on what I ate the day and night before to get me through a run. Seeing as I mostly ate eggs, yogurt, chicken and green beans on Thursday and Friday that isn't much for my body to work with. I had some pretty awesome results on the scale this week (5lb whaaaat??) but I just don't think I can sustain a low carb/high running diet.

I think that what I am going to do is try to stay low carb during the week and then add them in on Thursdays and Fridays before my long run on Saturday. Hopefully that will do the trick. On one hand it is a little frustrating but to be honest, the whole science behind figuring out exactly what my body needs to perform the way I ask it to PLUS lose weight is pretty interesting to me. I like beating myself into submission and seeing what I can force my body to do.

I also wanted to add that until today I had been 6 days sugar free however it was my niece's birthday so I ate the frosting off a cupcake (and almost died from the sugar, holy hell!). But if she was eating one then I was eating one! Back on the wagon tomorrow though and I'm ok with it.

Because I can't throw that in there without talking about one of my favorite people on the planet, her name is Raegan and she was born a year ago yesterday on one of the best days of my life. Her parents are two of my very best friends (I am an only child so she's not my biological niece) and have been since college. Her mom and I are polar opposites and sometimes I wonder how we came to be such good friends because she is perfection in human form and I am....a work in progress ;). We even lived in the same house for several years with me upstairs and Katee and Eric downstairs while Eric finished his architecture degree (and he's brilliant...just ask me, I'll tell you all about it). They are only a year older than me but have been married for 13 years, 8 of which I spent begging them to have kids so that I could have someone to buy lots of things for and teach how to hike and build rock castles and teach how to identify fossils and (since she is a girl) buy every princess/glitter/rainbow item I could find.

Of course they waited until they moved away two years ago to have a baby but she was worth the wait! Enter baby Raegan a year ago...she's the cutest thing I've ever seen because she looks just like her daddy with her mommy's amazing eyes and at this point looks similar enough to me that people think we are related when I carry her around (win!). It's been a great year even though I didn't get to see her nearly as much as I would like but I still can't wait for the next year! Because soon I will be able to buy her princess dresses, muahahaha!!!

At the baby shower and one of my favorite pictures of all time, Eric is laughing and I'm crying like a loon.
Proud Auntie on the day after she was born!
Katee's dad is a professional photographer, I've gotten used to having my picture taken when I didn't know it was happening.
A few weeks after she was born, so snuggly!

At her birthday party today! Definitely not my best picture (what's up with my wonky eye??) but she looks so pensive, I love it!

Happy birthday to one of the most amazing little people on the planet! 

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  1. Raegan is such a beautiful little girl Mary; you look awesome together!! On what you were saying about your training and carbs; I would say you may want to incorporate a few more carbs into your diet. Even if you don't want to eat many of them; you at least need some carbs to keep your energy up!!