No lamb, no garden, no immaculate conception but there IS something about me.


Where have you been, woman??

First of all, who decided that the Sarah McLaghlan animal commercial wasn't sadistic enough so they created ANOTHER one for the ASPCA? I can't handle them. I can't.

So, some of you know from Facebook that I ran the Yuengling Half Marathon last Sunday and if you didn't...guess what?? I RAN THE YUENGLING HALF MARATHON LAST SUNDAY!!! Despite minimal training I was able to run 10 out of 13 miles and despite the fact that it was only marginally faster than I imagine a dead snail in the middle of the Arctic Circle in January can run I still did it so don't judge. I am working on a big write up about it but I ran the race Sunday, drove 10 hours home Monday and went right into the awfulness known as the "End of the Quarter" at work complete with someone riding with me so I am exhausted. It's coming, I swear, I just have to work on it in pieces.

Some notable things in the meantime:

-I could really live without Trixie head butting me as I type and covering my hand in cat snot. Really.

-The day before I left Archie decided to chew on the duct tape on the inside of her cage (that I put down to protect the wood) and eat it. I was convinced I was coming home to a dead bun but judging by the amount of poo in her pan I think she is metabolizing just fine.

-Speaking of which people often ask me if she is litter trained and the answer is yes, completely. She hasn't gone outside of her pan since she was tiny which is why she is allowed free reign of the living room.

-People also ask me if she is big because her pictures look big and she really isn't, she's only about 3lb (the same size as a kitten).

-I was at a hospital today and someone brought in a box of seven one-week old kittens and I died right on the spot. The mewing! Be still my heart!

-Trixie is doing well other than spending the night before we left for VA dry heaving at the foot of my bed for the entire 5 hour stretch that I had to sleep all because Beth was in my living room and she refused to go eat while Beth was within 10 feet of her dish so she chose to voice her displeasure in the only way she knew how. I hated her that night.

-Since the race I feel like every bone in my body was broken and then super glued back together but after 4 days I am finally starting to walk normally again. My feet, however, are continuing to swell so I wore sneakers to work twice this week. I'm a class act. However my hospital on Tuesday was pretty impressed that I was able to match my pants to my shoes so I consider that a solid win.

-I am thinking about going on the Paleo diet if for no other reason than I like the name as it goes along with what I first went to college for (and my favorite song):

-I am exhausted. Did I mention that? EXHAUSTED. So exhausted that I ran out of hairspray 3 days ago and haven't had the energy to go to Ulta to get more yet. So exhausted that I've worn liquid eyeliner alone all week in hopes that it looks put together enough that no one notices I'm a hot mess (it doesn't). So exhausted that I haven't even taken my running clothes out of my suitcase let alone put them on let alone work out. So exhausted that I missed the end of Tabatha's Salon Takeover Tuesday night because I fell asleep with the tv on and my phone on my face. So exhausted that I fell asleep on the floor last night when I was playing with the bun so she consumed 25% of my copy of Weird New York. Tomorrow night I plan on sleeping forever. Legit. Or until 7:30am Saturday morning when I need to get up and go running. Lord have mercy.

It is now officially 8pm which equals night which equals bedtime. I wish I could stay awake to watch the finale of Project Runway All Stars but I'm torn about who I want to win anyway so I'll watch it in reruns. I'm also missing the Syracuse game but the truth is, I'm not sure why anyone watches sport when you can just wait until the end to see what the score is.

Anyway, until I return with a race report I leave you with a bunny photobomb for your viewing pleasure:

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