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Bunday birthday!

In case you were wondering (and I know you are) no, my migraine isn't gone yet. It was gone until about noon today and then came back. The good news is that it isn't as strong as yesterday so I'm focusing on that. Maybe tomorrow it will be down to 50% strength because today it was at 75%. I knew it would be there today though because I didn't sleep well last night at all and anything that effects my sleep throws me off (I usually sleep like the dead).

Anyway, today is Archie's one year birthday! It's happy and sad day because it reminds me of where I was a year ago and who gave her to me but I'm focusing on it being a happy day. And it is! She is such a joy. If you had told me a year ago that I would be so attached to a little 3lb rabbit I would have told you you were insane but here we are and she is pretty awesome. I get that people think that I'm crazy that I love my pets so much but I think it's part of my charm, right? RIGHT?! Really it's just because I'm the opposite of the Grinch, my heart is far too big for my body and it's always spilled over into my pets, even when I was small. Don't judge...and it's an awesome banner.

This was the result of trying to do something besides laying on the couch willing myself to die. And because it's SO CUTE!!!
Coincidentally her new hutch finally arrived today too so it was a big day in her life. I took a few hours off from work because I couldn't look at my computer anymore without vomiting and I couldn't lay down anymore without vomiting so I put her hutch together. It's pretty fancy and I like it a lot. The only issue is she thinks that it is meant for consumption and I am not really excited about that. The pieces should have come presoaked in bitter apple.

After I finally got it put together (you can see her ghetto cage in the corner, I am SO glad it's gone) I put the mat under it to let her explore. I haven't shut her in it yet but she's been in and out of it all day. I was worried she wasn't going to go up and down the ramp but after coaxing her down with yogurt drops once she doesn't seem to mind it. She hasn't been in the litter pan yet which is a bit concerning due to some issues we had when she was younger but I think she'll figure it out.

I will say this about that cute mat I put under it: the stinker already figured out that the paw prints are removable (to switch the colors around) and she has already ripped one apart. SO awesome. She's too smart for her own good and I'm not happy about it.

Overall I'm pretty please with the hutch though, it looks much better in my living room and is going to give her a lot more space to run around in and cause trouble when I'm gone.

Oh! I also offered her a piece of banana for the first time ever. I think that they are beyond disgusting and not meant for human consumption but I figured she deserved a treat for her birthday. However, because she is MY rabbit she refused to eat it! I gave her an apple after I threw the banana away and she housed it, I've definitely trained her well :)

Link to a video of Archie's first banana!

So happy birthday, Archie! I was able to keep you alive for a whole year! You're the best little bun I could ask for, even when you're being super naughty!

And with that I am going to bed in hopes that I will sleep really well and when I wake up tomorrow my head will be 100% better. If not....I don't know, I guess I'll cross that bridge if and when I get to it. But in all honesty I am really exhausted from pretending I'm functional when I'm not. And I really want to start running again :'(

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