No lamb, no garden, no immaculate conception but there IS something about me.


Free food and booze!!!

Four times of the year something magical at work happens: the End of the Quarter. It's a special time filled with crazy amounts of travel and minuscule amounts of sleep but through the stress of it all I kind of like it because it's always a challenge to see how much I can juggle in a small amount of time. And I do so love a challenge.

My end of the quarter started two weeks ago the day after I got home from running my half marathon in Virginia Beach and it hasn't slowed down since. In honor of getting through this I thought I would offer up a contest to YOU! Because really, nothing makes me happier than making someone else happy and I need a little pay-it-forward this week.

The contest is this: whoever can guess the closest to how many miles I drove in the last two weeks will win a $10 Applebees gift card (this is not endorsed by Applebees at all). Why Applebees? Because they have some solid appetizers and drinks and the best thing to do after a stressful week or two at work is to go out with some friends, have a few adult beverages and eat some unacceptable food to unwind. How do you enter? Just leave a comment below with your guess as to my mileage for the past couple of weeks. It's ok if you go over, it's whoever is closest to the actual number (and because I always hated that jerk on the Price is Right who wussed out and chose $1. Lamesauce).

It would be rather cruel of me to leave you with almost no information of where I have been the last two weeks so here are a few jumping off points for you:

*I rented a brand new Dodge Charger with 2 miles on it on Friday, March 16 and will be returning it tomorrow on Friday, March 30.

*I live in Syracuse, NY.

*My half marathon in Virginia Beach was on Sunday, March 18.

*The cities/towns I went to last week (in absolutely NO order):
-Chittenango, NY
-Buffalo, NY
-Amherst, NY
-Cheektowaga, NY
-Depew, NY
-Owego, NY
-North Tonowanda, NY
-Rochester, NY
-Geneva, NY

*The cities/towns I went to this week:
-Holland Patent, NY
-Germantown, NY
-Stone Ridge, NY
-Canandaigua, NY
-Getzville, NY
-New Paltz, NY
-Rochester, NY
-Skaneateles, NY

I will close this baby down at 7pm on Monday night and will announce the winner at that time. Remember to post your guess below (with your name so I know who you are) and good luck!

Did someone say food?


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  2. I am going with a solid 4,900 by my lovely estimates. Although I have NO idea if what I did is correct way of estimating. Kristy Bartlett :)

  3. 2584. Dan Grabski. :)

  4. New reader here. I say 3271 miles. WOw thats a lot of driving! BTW, I am from upstate NY too!

  5. Yay for upstate NY! Where are you from?

  6. 4258 says me. Why? Because it was the last four numbers of the debit card hacked by the lonely man in Canada who was trying to meet single ladies on my dime. And because I suck at estimating. :)