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Winter running at it's finest.

This morning I was all set to go run 4 miles to prep for my race in 2 weeks. Usually we run early, around 8:15, but we were running at a different place *cough* bar *cough* from downtown Syracuse so I didn't need to be there until 9:15. When I talked to my friend at 8:15 to decide if we should go or not due to weather we barely had gotten an inch of snow overnight and it was very lightly snowing at the point. By the time I left my house at 9:00 we were in a complete white out with wet lake effect and it was accumulating fast. This is typical for Syracuse but I've been lulled into a false sense of security because we have had almost no snow fall this year. For an example of how fast we can get hit, here is a picture of my house on a Tuesday afternoon in November of 2010 when on Monday morning we had full grass and absolutely no snow:

Lake effect snow is no joke 'round these parts.

By the time I was on the road this morning I realized that this run was going to be a rough one if for no other reason than the visibility (or lack thereof).

I arrived at our meeting point on time but due to some miscommunication we didn't start running until a half hour later and by then the rest of the group (all four people that braved the elements)  had already taken off. We had plans to run the canal trail but that didn't happen because we couldn't even see the signs to direct us to the path. I couldn't see much of anything, actually, because by then we had about 4 inches of fresh, wet snow on the ground with more slamming me in the face as we were running into the wind. As soon as it would hit my face it would melt sending sheets of water running in my eyes and making it impossible to see. My friend fared better because she had a hat but I was unhappy. SO unhappy. We ambled around downtown Syracuse for around 2 miles until we ran by a building that huge chunks of slush were falling off of. Because I was closest to the building I first got nailed by a huge wet chunk falling from the roof on my back, then my legs and finally directly on top of my head. At that point I called uncle because I was soaking wet, couldn't see a darn thing and was miserable. The bottom of my pants and shoes also weighed about 5lb more because of the amount of slush that they had accumulated.

In other words, I should have won a darn trophy for being out in that weather today.

But of course I am happier that I went out vs staying at home. Mind you I am currently on the couch with 8 layers of clothes and a down comforter (and a cat) on me and am STILL freezing but it was worth it. It always is. I just never want to do it again. I hate running in the rain because I hate being wet if not swimming or bathing and I feel like the snow cheated me today. Usually we're friends but today it's on my not-so-good list.

Also, to the people of Fleet Feet who saw me directly after the run when I drove over to get a hat (that I needed anyway) to cover my hair while we went to Panera, I'm sorry. But I know you understand because you would do it too.

Worst picture of me ever. Ever ever.
And Urban Decay? Your 24/7 Waterproof liquid eyeliner ain't as hearty as you claim. Just sayin.

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