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Bunday Monday: Bunnies give kisses?

When I first got the bun I went out and got a bunch of books on rabbits to familiarize myself with my new pet (again with the over-researching). I'd spent 4.5 years working with rabbits at my last vet tech job and my roomate in college had a rabbit that I called Bunny Man but I didn't really know their behaviors or little quirks or really even what to feed them. As I was reading Rabbits for Dummies (no joke) I came across a part that mentioned that if a rabbit really accepts you and loves you they will lick you as a part of grooming and sign of affection. As you can imagine it was my biggest hope that I would get bunny kisses one day but she was so small when I got her I wasn't sure what her personality would shake out to be.

Well guess what? I got myself a bunny kisser! Archie loves to give kisses, especially when I've been gone for a few days. She likes to get on the couch behind me or on the arm of the chair and lick my face or lick my arms when I sit on the floor to play with her. She also likes to bite in my hair (hard!) which I don't love nearly as much. When I've been gone for a few days Trixie is also more affectionate so the first thing I do when I get home is sit in front of Archie's cage. Trixie will usually sit right in front of me and allow Archie to lick her too (for 2 minutes or so, then it's the normal hissing and spitting when Archie starts to bite in her fur) which is as close to family harmony we can get around here :)

And yeah, I know that this solidifies me as a crazy rabbit lady but what can you do, it's cute.

Click for a video of Archie giving kisses that I can NOT get to embed, argh!

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