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Hunter boots review

Today I got my first gel manicure. If you have never heard of this it's a manicure that will (supposedly) last up to 2 weeks without chipping. It involved many layers and UV lights and took about 45 minutes but I was willing to give it a shot because of how rough I am on my hands. The seat I was sitting in while getting my nails done was right in front of a huge tv hanging on the wall. There was weird "soothing" music playing so I couldn't hear the movie that was playing but they had the subtitles on so I could read what was being said. As the man doing my manicure didn't say much (which I was ok with) I spent most of the time watching the movie which was...Dear John. I have never seen this movie on purpose because I think that Nicolas Sparks' main goal in life is to make grown adults cry as much as possible without being in physical pain. I was a basket case when I watched the Notebook and I can still tear up at the drop of a hat just thinking about that scene in the rain. Omg, I need a tissue right now. Dear John, however, was WAY worse. I couldn't hear what they were saying but regardless I was still inconsolable. I was trying SO HARD not to make it obvious that I was the crazy American girl crying over the silent movie but I was almost sobbing at one point. I didn't watch the end, thankfully, because I remember looking it up on Wiki when it came out to see if I would even enjoy seeing it so knowing what I know...I would have needed to be taken to my car on a stretcher if I had seen the end. I was at the part where he was reading his dad the letter and...

Just don't watch it if you haven't seen it. It's brutal.

The good news is that when I came home I was finally able to open the box I found on my porch this morning on my way out the door: my Hunter boots! I was really excited about them coming but also nervous because of the size I had to order. I tried them on at Lord and Taylor before ordering them and an 8 was way to big (my normal size) so I had to order a 7 without trying them on (no half sized, sad face). Of course before I could try them on (or even open the box) I had to let Trixie sit on it for a while.

And then as soon as I opened the box Archie had to check it out, naturally.

Spoiled. Squared.

Finally I was able to open my boots and it was like angels singing. So shiny, so red, so eager for mud puddles and snow slush and pumpkin patches and waterfalls and general outdoorsy shenanigans.

They're. So. SHINY!!!!

I stared at them and admired them for a while before I tried them on and once I did...I'm unsure how I feel. The calves are a little tight and I think that's a combination of the fact that I just started running again so I have some size to lose in these calves (and I will, I know what the usually measure vs now) and the fact that I had to go down to a size 7. I read a lot of reviews and saw that many people mentioned that they were tight in the calves which is contradictory to every picture of any model wearing them (of course I am 5'2" and no model so that makes sense). As far as how my foot fits in a 7 it's ok but feels like it might be a little tight if walking for a while. I did have pretty thick socks on but I would if it were cold anyway.

I think before I make any decisions I am going to go back to Lord and Taylor and try to 8 on again. I'm kicking myself for not ordering both sizes as I initially had wanted to but I wasn't interested in ponying up $260 even if I was sending a pair back.

Moral of the story: the jury is still out on the boots. The catalyst for finally buying them after years of saying I had no desire to was because I am going to Washington DC this weekend and it's supposed to be rainy but I'm trying not to let that factor into my decision. TRYING because I know me and I'd rather just suffer for the sake of instant gratification. Because look at them:

Yup. Like two little fireman shoes just waiting for adventure. *sigh*

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