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Bunday Monday!

I've heard that there are some women that surround themselves with less attractive women so that they can look better standing next to them. Never one to follow the pack, I choose to surround myself with gorgeous women instead. Maybe I'm hoping that it will rub off on me? No such luck yet as I'm still an average looking red haired chick but sometimes things take time!

While I was in DC last weekend with one of said gorgeous friends and one of HER gorgeous friends, sipping Moscow Mules and wondering who goes out on a Saturday night in kitten heels or a suit (DC is a place unlike I've ever experienced, everyone has a much more important sounding job than me, are much more cultured and much less white. And kitten heels? REALLY?) the topic of conversation turned to the bun. And why wouldn't it because she's darn adorable? So in the wee hours of the morning while I was showing off videos of her throwing socks while simultaneously wondering how my bar tab got so high the gorgeous blonde friend of my gorgeous dark haired friend decided that I should have one day a week on my blog dedicated to Archie. Pure brilliance, I tell you.

And so we have...Bunday Monday!

Onto the first installment!

As I mentioned I was gone for 10 days in DC and then in Baltimore and returned on Friday. My pet sitter was amazed at how many pellets Archie can go through when she's bored and stuck in her cage so he filled her feeder to the top. Since I've been home I've noticed that she no longer eats from the bottom portion of her feeder but instead stands on her hind legs to eat from the top. I don't ask, I just go with it. She also dips her paws into Trixie's water fountain bowl to wash her face like a raccoon so I've come to expect unusual behavior from her.

Honey Badger bunny does what she wants!
Also for the record, yes that dish on top of her cage is her salad bowl that came from Anthropologie. Her middle name is "Spoiled".

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