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Cooking fail and Bunday...Saturday?

I tried to cook today. Tried being the operative word. Cooking isn't really my think. Baking...baking is my thing. Do you know what I got for Christmas? This:

My mom gave it to me (I think it's because she felt bad for orphaning me for my first Christmas ever so she could go to North Dakota with my stepdad) and I cried when I opened it. Like a baby. That's how much I love baking. (Btw it's blue. Ice blue. And I haven't used it yet but I don't really want to talk about why. Someday I'll be able to but for now it just sits on my counter looking beautiful.)

I'm awesome at baking and always have been. I heard once that baking is a science and cooking is an art and I have been a scientist since the womb, since I dragged home my very first fossil at the age of two that I still have in my posession. But an artist I am not so cooking is not my thing. I have been wanting to get into cooking more recently because of wanting to eat more "clean" (as in limiting the amount of processed food I eat). It's how I eat more or less anyway but I want to stop eating frozen pre-packaged meals completely because of the sodium levels (I have absolutely no plans of going crazy about this and doing something rash like giving up Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters unless I'm on one of my no-refined-sugar kicks. No way, no how). I travel so much that it's difficult to keep fresh meat and vegetables and fruit around so I figured if I make things in bulk and freeze them then I can have fresh-ish food available at all times.

I found a recipe that looked pretty easy in Self magazine for turkey meatballs and whole wheat spaghetti a few days ago and decided that today would be the day that I try to make it. Seems easy, right? Wrong. I thought the whole "awesomeness" of cooking vs baking was that you could change things around and they would still taste good but that is so, so wrong. I changed ONE thing and my meatballs ended up tasting like a mouthful of mushy wheat bread (I subbed breadcrumbs for the italian bread soaked in milk that it called for). The good news is that the sauce I made was pretty darn good so I will take the 50/50. Also, for the record I consulted my mom AND my friend to see what to do about the breadcrumbs and they both agreed on the amount to put in so I didn't go in blind.  Another good thing is that it turns out I really like whole wheat spaghetti. Maybe I'll try the meatballs again tomorrow now that I've googled some other recipes. Or maybe I'll just play it safe and eat a salad.

My mom just called to ask how it went and I told her the sauce was good but a little salty so she told me to put a raw potato in to draw out some of the salt. I have so damn far to go in this cooking thing but I'm determined.


In other news (I can't wait for Bunday Monday to talk about this) I finally ordered Archie's new bunny mansion today! We (and I do mean we because apparently I was unable to do this without Trixie and Archie's help) made up some mock templates to see which size would work best (because "we" are nerds) and I went with the larger cage. I wanted the smaller one so it wouldn't consume a whole corner of my living room but in true owner-of-spoiled-pets fashion I went with the larger cage because it would be better for her as I am gone so often. And the small one wouldn't fit her new couch that I got her the other day from Build A Bear (after my evil coworkers sent me a picture of it forcing me to go to the mall immediately to procure one).

On a side not, contrary to popular belief I am NOT Hello Kitty obsessed and never have been however somehow in the last few months I've been given a TON of Hello Kitty things. I've liked HK since I was small but only would get select items that I thought were amazing like this bunny sized couch. In all honesty it was more about the size because she loves digging in the cushions of my couch and chair so I thought she would appreciate one of her own size. And the pink and HK don't hurt ;)

Anywho, I think the bun approves...of the larger cage AND the couch. Here's hoping she helps me put it together when it arrives. Oh! And here's the one we chose:

I also ordered this mat to go under it because she like to dig and I don't want her to scratch the floor:
Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to put it together for a week or two after it arrives but I'm pretty excited and I'm sure the bun will be happy to have a lot more room to run around and fling her toys and dig her boxes and hide yogurt drops and chew on her couch. I mean, I'd be excited if I were a bun.

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