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Tangent Saturday

Janae (who I do not personally know but I read her blog daily so I live in the internet world that we are BFF's) writes at Hungry Runner Girl which is my FAVORITE blog. I have no idea how she stays so happy all the time although I spend about as much time being sarcastic and it doesn't take much work at all. She has Tangent Tuesday so I figured I would have a Tangent Saturday because my brain is in 5 million places. Here we go...

-I fell asleep at 7pm last night. Seven. Pee. Em. And then I woke up at 6am, stayed in bed watching Top Chef All Stars and fell asleep again at 10:30am. What the heck? It's probably just the medication I'm on for my back finally catching up with me, I don't like taking medication of any sort for that reason, they just make me tired.

-It will be two weeks tomorrow since I last ran (at the Boilermaker no less). My back isn't really any better but it's not any worse so I'll probably crack tomorrow. I have a race in two weeks and even though it's just a 10k I can't waste this much time in my training because I'm barely hanging onto my base at this point. Why am I so worried about losing my base? Because...

-...I SIGNED UP FOR MY NEXT BIG RACE!!! Which one did I decide on? The Wineglass Half Marathon in Corning, NY. And you will probably laugh when you find out why I really wanted to do it's for the medal. Corning is known for having the Corning Museum of Glass which is one of my favorite places and the medal is made of glass so I must have it! I also get wine for running it, too. WIN! Other than those things it's in a really pretty part of central NY and I'm excited to run through there in the fall. It's about 2 hours from me so it's in my territory and I've been there quite a few times but I've never run a race there. Oh, and it's all downhill but I've heard it's not the quad killer kind. And the icing on the cake? Joan Benoit Samuelson will be running it and she's kind of a big deal. I might hyperventilate if I get anywhere near her (which I won't because she's a cheetah and I'm a chia pet in speed comparison). I can't wait!

Photo from the race website
-Funny story about the half marathon: I hemmed and hawed about signing up for it for absolutely NO reason other than I am a world class procrastinator because I decided I wanted to run it over a month ago. I went to the website several times to do it and just never went through with it. Finally on Monday I signed up and it turns out I was the last to get in because a half hour after I signed up they made a facebook post that it was closed and that I was the last one to get in. Therefore I am now a celebrity (in my own mind).

-Apparently I missed the first episode of the new season of Project Runway Thursday night which almost broke my heart until I found out that I could watch the entire episode on I haven't really loved the transition of PR from Bravo to Lifetime however Bravo would have never provided the full episodes to watch if you missed it so that makes my little heart happy. Who else is excited for Season 10?

-The bun is officially obsessed with Romance by Ralph Lauren perfume. I don't usually wear it in the summer (I've been wearing DKNY Pure Verbena a lot) but I wore it the other day and she would not stop sniffing my arms. She spent 5 minutes at one point sniffing them and then she kept coming back to me. She's not right.

-In other bun news I went to turn on my tv the other night and after over a year of her never once touching my remotes I found this:

It's cool, Archie. I didn't know what those buttons were anyway.
-After months of dress stalking again at the Gap, I scored a dress I really wanted for $20 instead of the original $60. It's in cobalt blue which is the color I've been wearing the most this summer and I love it. It has spandex in it so it doesn't lose it's shape and it fits so well. If you come across these on sale in the store (it's not on sale online) try it on! I know it looks boring but I promise you won't regret it.

Find it here!
-Speaking of shopping, on the same day I ended up in Sephora (it's right next to the Gap and I couldn't resist its siren call) and I finally bought the Dior foundation that I've been using the last two months just with samples that they have given me (Sephora will give you a sample of almost anything in the store if you ask). The price of it hurt but it's by far the best foundation I've used because it's lightweight, clean feeling and with one layer it doesn't cover all of my freckles (two layers and it will). I know it will last me a long time, too. So when you go to the mall to try on that dress stop by Sephora and get a sample of the Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup. Just do it.

-Have a happy Saturday!

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