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Stuff people who don't run say

I went running today for the first time in three weeks (other than the Boilermaker) and it was so awesome I thought I might cry. Then when I saw that my MapMyRun app automatically uploaded my distance and time to Facebook I almost cried again because it wasn't anything to brag about. 3.1 miles in 39 minutes is 5 minutes slower than my first 5k time. I'm determined not to beat myself up over it because I took it really slow and walked some in case my back hurt. Instead the opposite happened, my drive home was the first drive since I was injured that my back didn't say a word to me. Right now is a different story though because I spent most of the day cleaning my house and it turns out my back doesn't like me scrubbing the toilet. I don't like it either, Back, but it needs to be done.

Depending on how I feel in the morning I am going to run again. Mentally I was a million times better and I managed to stay awake for most of the day with the exception of 10 minutes when I fell asleep sitting up like I have narcolepsy because these muscle relaxers and I aren't friends. Now I'm sitting against 3 ice packs which is super awesome (except not).

Guess what IS super awesome?? Two weeks from today is the women's Olympic marathon. I'm really excited to watch Kara Goucher run it and I'm interested to see how Desiree Davila does since she came out of nowhere in Boston 2011. I'm pretty sad to see that Deena Kastor didn't make the team though, she's pretty amazing. To prep for my Olympic marathon watching I am reading Kara Goucher's book Running for Women . I've had it for a few months but found it while I was cleaning today, it got lost in the shuffle of the library of my house. I'm not as excited about the men's marathon but if I come across it I'll probably watch it to see Meb and Ryan Hall duke it out.

Yesterday I came across this hilarious video called Stuff Non Runners say:

IT'S ALL SO TRUE!!! Let me clear up some misconceptions for anyone who was wondering:

1) There is only one marathon distance and it is 26.2 miles. If you aren't running that distance, you aren't running a marathon. A 5k is 3.1 miles, a 10k is 6.2 miles, a 15k is 9.3 miles, a half marathon is 13.1 miles and an Ultramarathon is anything over 26.2 miles (I usually see them between 50-100k or as 24 hour runs).

2) No, I won't blow out my knees because I take care of them. I wear good shoes, I take rest days if something hurts, I roll my IT band if it's unhappy and I run 100% on trails (pavement is the devil for knees because there is no give and rods are highest in the middle and slanting on the sides so one leg ends up in the position of being longer than the other). And if I DO blow out my knees, I had some good running days to talk about.

3) For as much as I hear the people who have "bad knees" line it must be a national epidemic ;)

Just run, people!


  1. I can't wait for the Olympic Marathon, too. AND I just found out that Desiree Davila lives here. Where I live. I cannot wait to go see her train some time. :) ...and my husband ran a 5k once and he still tells people that he ran a marathon. oy.

    1. OMG I would totally stalk her just to see her whiz by me! One of the coaches at my Fleet Feet went to the Olympic Trials for the marathon (he got injured during the race so he didn't make it) and he's amazing to watch run.