No lamb, no garden, no immaculate conception but there IS something about me.


Baby got back.....pain.

Should you be looking for me the next 3-4 days I will be here:

I injured my back at work two weeks ago and was finally able to go to the doctor for it yesterday which means I am flat out, literally, until at least Monday. Because I travel so much for work I do a lot of driving which is really aggravating the snot out of it. I've spent most nights for the last two weeks laying on the floor of my living room on top of three ice packs with a bottle of Advil and a gallon of water while the bun tries to launch herself off my face in glee because she is downright giddy when I'm at her level.

"It is my bunny mission to lick every freckle off your face."
I even have a massive bruise I unknowingly gave myself during my sales meeting in Philly this week because sitting in a chair for 8 hours made me unconsciously rub the small of my back as hard as I could to try and relieve the burning and I bruise like a peach. Anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday and he put me on an NSAID and a muscle relaxer (which puts me to sleep within a half hour of taking it) and told me no sitting or driving until Monday and recommended no running until it's better. I may or may not have cried about the running part and may or may not have eaten a piece of Wegman's Ultimate Chocolate cake to drown my sorrows. And I may or may not be able to stick to the no running thing. I'm going to try my best but running really doesn't bother it, it's the sitting.

The good news is I have an awesome nurse although she refuses to refill my Nalgene bottle or get me another Kind bar. Something about the lack of opposable* thumbs?

So should you need me I will be right where I am now, watching Netflix until my eyes cross (I just watched Spirit of the Marathon again and it was just as amazing as the first five times and I cried just the same at the end), looking up races I might want to run in the next 10 years, creating dream shopping carts at Sephora and Amazon and writing up my Boilermaker recap. Yes, I finished it. Yes, my back hurt pretty darn bad afterwards. Yes, I delayed going to the doctor because I didn't want him to tell me I shouldn't run the race. And yes, my Mizunos are officially on my most hated list right before being in crowds of people and after broccoli.

To end this on a happy note, guess what I FINALLY got to do when I was in Philly?

That's right. I went to Pat's, the original cheesesteak place. For you non-North easterners cheesesteaks are made with Cheese Whiz and steak that I am not sure actually came from a real cow but damn they are DELICIOUS. To order one without onions you roll up the the counter with your $9.50, order a "Whiz wit out!" in a confident voice and are then presented with 6 inches of heaven (that sounds I'm leaving it). It was seriously one of the greatest moments of my life although I made my friend who lives there order it, he's not a chicken like I am. I'm from NY and we will most likely cut you if you are from any other state and act like you know what good pizza is so I didn't want to risk it (Chicago included in that statement, I don't know what that mess was that I was presented with when I was there a couple of years ago but a slice was an inch thick, nowhere near the size of my head and I couldn't roll it up to shove it in my mouth which is pizza FAIL).


*The spell check in blogger does not include the word "opposable". Clearly they are forgetting to show respect to their evolutionary roots.


  1. feel better soon. I will run a few extra miles for you!

    1. Thank you! 5 or 6 will do it :)

  2. You should consult with your doctor as soon as possible about your back pain. Always put your health first. I suggest that you seek the advice of a chiropractor about your back pain.

  3. I guess road trips and long travels caused your back pains, Mary. I just hope that you consulted with a doctor regarding this pain, and preferably, like what Rhoda said, with a chiropractor. Seeking professional advice will free you from the back pain that can hinder your day-to-day activities. :D

    -- Shaunna Schumacher

    1. Hi Shaunna!

      Thank you for the advice! This pist was after I first injured my back at work in July and after a few months out of work on medical leave, an MRI and countless visits to my awesome physical therapist and chiropractor it was determined that I have a herniated disk. With all their help and therapy though I was able to get it (mostly) back to normal so I am feeling great now.