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My current grocery list

I went running again this morning and it was nowhere near as magical as it was yesterday. My body felt out of control and I couldn't get a good stride. As a matter of fact if you envision a person running and flailing while doing windmills with your arms I'm pretty sure that's what my form looked like. I think it was because my legs were super tight because I don't stretch. Ever. I know, I know, total badness but it makes no sense to me. Stretching before you run is like trying to bend a piece of uncooked spaghetti and after you run your body is already loose. Maybe I'll give it a try someday but not today. Probably not tomorrow either.

In addition to stretching I think I need to start putting on sunscreen before I run. I run on trails so there isn't a lot of sun exposure but there must be enough because my freckles are out of control, it's pretty ridiculous. There's more than there looks, thank goodness for my new foundation.

I also forgot to take my medication for my back today after I ran (never take medication before you run, your liver will thank you for it) so I've been miserable all day. I didn't think they were doing much but it turns out they're doing something. It's another night on the ice bed for me, I can't wait *sigh*

I frequently get asked what I eat to lose weight and it really isn't all that exciting and varies week to week. I usually go grocery shopping every day because I never know when I'll be home and when I'll be on the road so I hate buying a lot and having it go bad before the end of the week when I get home (which has happened more times than I can count). I go through phases of what I eat and I will usually eat the same exact thing every day for a few weeks and then switch it up. I've been that way since I was small, from kindergarten to sixth grade I took a half of a jelly sandwich (peanut butter is the devil), a baggie of Doritos and a juice box to school every day for lunch. When I hit sixth grade I decide that jelly sandwiches were lame and switched to ham (no condiments) until my junior year of high school when I started buying lunch. Should you think I am making this up you can ask my mom, she'd be more than happy to embarrass me with all that and more.

My current shopping list (or variation of because I don't buy this all on one day) is:
-18 count Large eggs (I eat three scrambled eggs every morning and yes, my cholesterol is perfect).
-Kind Almond and Coconut bars
-Boneless, skinless chicken
-No salt added canned green beans (I don't like them if they are fresh or frozen)
-No sugar added mandarin oranges (I'm not supposed to eat citrus fruit because of a bladder condition I have but this is my current obsession)
-Sharp cheese
-String cheese
-Country Crock margarine (for ma BEANS!)
-Shake and Bake (for ma CHICKEN! I developed an aversion to chicken two weeks ago so I added that in with success!)
-Chunky almond butter
-BBQ soy nuts
-Seagrams Frozen Sangria (hey, you can't be perfect all the time)

Other things that rotate in and out but that I'm not currently eating because of the low carb/refined sugar thing: Chobani Pomegranate Greek Yogurt, Crofter's organic strawberry jam, whole wheat English muffins, Annie's cheddar buns and fruit snacks (I'm 5), Pirate's Booty, Snyder's Pretzel rods, and other random things.

I usually eat eggs for breakfast, cheese and fruit for a snack, a salad or a Kind bar for lunch (since I'm not usually home), and chicken and green beans for dinner (if I'm not home I usually get a salad at Panera or the grocery store). I am well aware of the fact that I'm not eating enough calories every day but it's a work in progress. Cutting carbs and sugar out of your diet really do a number on your calorie count, at least for me and I'm still working to find the balance. The good news is that once I am done losing weight I will go back to eating carbs and sugar because as long as I run a few times a week I maintain my weight really well. And I miss spaghetti *sob*

Speaking of food, I think Archie finally had enough of Trixie going into her hutch to steal her catnip toy so she killed her. She doesn't appear to be showing any remorse, either.

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  1. I can't do scrambled eggs. I'm just not really an egg person. During my Atkins phase, I'd have to scramble one with a ton of mushrooms and spinach to basically mask the egginess of it all.