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Bunday Monday: The Lagomorph Terror

I'm still home. On the couch. Bored. Whining. Tired of laying down. But it's for the best, at least that's what I keep telling myself because I really want to go running but I don't want a permanent injury. This whole being a responsible, logical adult thing isn't my favorite.

At least the bun is ecstatic that I've been home so much because that means limited cage time and unlimited terror time. She is a little ball of bunny fury, that's for sure. Her full name is Archimedes (after the mathematician and physicist because I'm a nerd) which I only call her when she is in trouble which means I've been saying it non-stop all weekend.

 Here is what is going on as I write this:

She is obsessed with biting in my hair which is fine except sometimes she bites hard! And then when she gets scolded she looks at me like she has no idea why she's in trouble. Don't underestimate the intelligence of an animal at the bottom of the food chain, people. She is well aware of her actions.

She does give kisses though too to make up for it though which is why she's still around.

She also has a death wish because she keeps jumping OVER Trixie laying on the back of the couch which has me convinced that any minute I am going to have a hissing, scratching, ticked of cat land in my lap (which wouldn't be the first time).

I can't say that I blame Trixie though because this was my view on Saturday night right before she launched herself from the couch directly onto my face.

Anyone interested in a little rabbit? 3lb, spayed, fully housebroken, comes with a telephone book and unlimited paper towel rolls. Answers to Archie and will come when a yogurt drop bag is shaken. Will pay you to take and delivery is available.

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