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What would you do for a Klondike bar? (Training week 5)

I think I must hate my Mizunos. And I think that because I noticed all I've been wearing lately are my Ravennas and I noticed that because I got THREE blisters today, one of which was in the middle of my foot. I took my shoe and sock off twice during my run thinking I had a rock or kitty litter in it (Trixie likes to shove both of her paws as far as she can get in my shoes and dig in them, it's still a mystery) but I never found anything. Then when I got home and took a shower I realized I felt like I was still stepping on something and lo and behold...a massive blister where no blister should be. Wanna see it?

HOW DO YOU EVEN GET A BLISTER THERE?? And you're welcome for the literal and not figurative view of my injury.

Now I need to figure out if there is a statute of limitations for returning those Mizunos to Fleet Feet because I need new Ravennas asap. And by asap I mean next week because I went to the grocery store and Ulta (in my desperate attempt to track down Essie's Tarte Deco nailpolish to create the perfect ombre manicure with A Crewed Interest and Haute As Hello but alas they are still out) and it turns out that having a blister in the middle of your foot makes you waddle like, as my dad would say, John Wayne so there's no way I'm leaving the house again to go to Fleet Feet today. But blisters in weird places are a sure sign that your shoes are far past their lifetime, at least for me. Next up will be another bruised toenail and I'd like to avoid that since in another four months or so the current one I have had since February should be gone.

As for my training this week (is it week five? Yes?) it was eh. Work, again, was as crazy as I expected and I was as beat as I expected. I did get a really good run in yesterday, my stomach was raging an epic battle with me that slowed me down (I have the worst stomach of all time) but I felt great for the running parts of it. So great in fact that even though yesterday was my long run day of seven miles I decided that I should do the same thing today. Not my brightest idea ever since you should have some rest between long runs but even though I felt a lot slower I was only 2 minutes slower which was awesome.

Training week 5
Sunday: 5 miles
Monday: 2 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 2 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7 miles
Total: 16 miles

I was thinking today that I won't have the motivation I've had to train once the Boilermaker is over so I want to try and find a half marathon for the fall...or August or September or whatever. I've started looking and I have some options but I really like my halves to be special unlike most shorter races where I will run anything. Maybe it's because I've only done two so far but I like them to mean something so I don't want to just run one to run one. And I HAVE to get a medal at the end, it's a requirement. Let me know if you know of any and I will keep you all posted since I know you're dying to know ;) I do have a dream race lined up for February and as soon as I officially sign up for it I will tell you all about it.

Also, confession time...I downloaded the MapMyRun app yesterday and it is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I rescind everything I ever said about running without something telling you your mileage in your ear along with your pace and THEN mapping the entire thing so you can compare it day to day. AMAZE!

In other awesome, amazing news as of yesterday...


That's right kids, 30lb gone of the 55lb I gained from not running and being a stupid dumbass in love. That means only 25lb to go until I am at the weight I was at about a year and a half ago and 40lb until I hit my ultimate goal weight (I stopped losing weight when I started my job and understandably so because I travel all the stinkin' time). I'm pretty happy about it and have started squirreling away cash for an awesome prize for when the next 25lb are gone. When I hit 75lb lost before I bought my first iphone (now I carry around two, one for work and one for home so the excitement of that has worn off) and my mom was "supposed" to buy me a Tiffany's necklace when I hit 100lb lost but she conveniently forgot that conversation. No biggie, the amount of clothes I bought made up for it ;)

In relation to that I have a new obsession as of yesterday and I know it won't go away anytime soon which is baked potatoes. Now that they are in my head I won't be able to go a day without eating one, much like my grape obsession a month or two ago (which was killed when grapes went out of season and now they're sour with tough skin). Also, I just bought sugar free Klondike bars while I was waddling through Wegman's to see what they were like and they're ok. They have some flavor but not a lot, I think it's good for my massive sweet tooth that I've had lately but I don't think I would choose them if I wasn't off sugar. I swear if I could throw myself into the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I would happily die of aspiration pneumonia or drowning just to do so in chocolate.

I thought it appropriate to post my Klondike bar next to my favorite running blog of the cutest girl EVER who runs crazy amounts every day and is somehow always ecstatic about it. Believe you me, I'm not ecstatic right now.
These posts always get so long and I always have five million more things to say. Someday I will start posting daily...someday. I want to start posting about fashion and things since I have had a lot (and by a lot I mean four) of girl who have asked me to so be looking for (aka avoiding) that.


  1. Hi! I have recently found your blog and enjoy reading it since I am from the Syracuse area originally, I am now in Rochester. Our Fleet Feet takes anything back, whenever, no questions asked. I had bought Stabilicers in the winter and wore then in the ice only to have them make my feet go numb and other things. I tried them a couple more times and loathed them. They took them back no questions asked. Plus if you are going to exchange them for new Ravennas (I love Brooks!) then it shouldn't be a problem. I also have the requirement that I must get a medal for any half I do, so I am recommending you come to Rochester for the Rochester Marathon, and half, in September.

    1. Oh I am doing the Boilermaker too and congrats on the weight loss!

    2. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the input on Fleet Feet, I'm going to try to take them back this weekend. And I know Rochester pretty well, I've been there for the last three weeks for work. I did just find the Rochester half online today which is funny you mention it. Good luck at the Boilermaker, it's a great race!

  2. How did I miss this blog? Eff Yeah!! to 30 lbs!!

    1. Thanks!! I think I gained it all back last week in Philly :P