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Rose gold watch love.

I spent the majority of today with a kitty attached to my shoulder. The best part of my job is all of the hospital kitties I get to meet because they ALL act like no one loves them and gives them attention when in actuality they have an entire veterinary hospital full of staff and clients spoiling them at all time so I know better. But this lady wanted to perch on my shoulder and watch everything I did which was ok except that someone has been giving her far too many snacks as she was a bit portly. She also kept slapping me in the face with her tail when I had the audacity to move. The nerve of me.

My hair isn't really that orange anymore, it's the filter I used in Instagram. It was a birth though.

I've been obsessed with rose gold for the last year. It's just a color that looks really great with my (super pale red haired chick) skintone and I love how it's a little different. I've been wanting a rose gold watch for a while but given that I have ridiculous tastes every watch I wanted was $200+. In the grand scheme of things that isn't a huge amount for a piece of jewelry that I would wear every single day for years but it IS given three things:
-I would most likely be beating the snot out of it at work (my Kate Spade resolution bracelet looks like it's been through a war).
-I have some sort of weirdly acidic skin that eats through metal when I wear it too much and every single watch I have ever had has ended up with huge pit marks in the band from my skin. It's awesome being a mutant.
-I hypervenhilate over spending that much money on anything...except Kate Spade which is why I almost caved on a rose gold Kate watch this week. Almost.

None of these didn't stop me from dreaming though and here are some examples of what I've spent the last 6 months drooling over (I just had to pick baked potato out of the keys of my laptop to keep typing this, don't judge):

Found here.

Found here.
Found here.
But today I went to Target (for unrelated things that I promptly forgot as soon as I walked through the doors) and remembered I had seen some other bloggers with a rose "gold" watch that looked like a pretty decent comparison. I figured I would check them out but I didn't want to spend more than $30 (and I really just wanted to see what it looked like in person). Imagine my surprise when I was able to find the exact watch (there was only one left) and it was only $14.99 AND it didn't look like something I would find at the dollar store. SOLD!

It's a lot more pink in person but I use my iphone for all picture so that's as good as it gets.

And I love it. For $14.99 I can beat the snot out of it and my mutant body can eat away at whatever metal it's made out of and I won't feel guilty. It will also give me time to decide if I really want to fork over the money for a better quality watch (aka beg for it as a combined Christmas/birthday present). PLUS I now have more money to spend at Banana Republic and on strawberries for the bun! It's a win-win-win situation.

And the bun is happy about the extra strawberries.

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