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Progress and training week 4

Is it normal to fill the hard drive of a 16g iphone? Probably not for the normal human being that really just uses it for email, taking pictures, listening to the same song on repeat, watching youtube and playing Temple Run until their eyes bleed (there was a new version just released and you better believe that took up the majority of my Friday night) but once a week or so my phone tells me I don't have enough memory to take another picture and I still can't delete enough stuff on it to upgrade the software. It probably has something to do with the 2500 pictures (no joke) I have on it but you can't erase memories! At least that's what I will continue to tell myself until I am forced to put them all on my Macbook and delete them from my phone *sob*

Anyway, as I was going through my phone deleting pictures so that I could take yet another photo of something ridiculously adorbs the bun was doing (no idea what it was but I can promise it was not her newest trick of using my FACE to launch herself onto the ottoman) I found a picture of me in my favorite dress that I took in April and I just happened to take another picture in the same dress the other day. Of course I needed to splice them side by side and guess what?

Left picture was taking in April 2012 and the right was June 2012
It looks like this running 5 days a week/crying over no sugar/sobbing over no carbs thing is working. Hallelujah! (And if you can't see a difference please don't tell me because in my head the two pictures are the equivalent of comparing Rosie O'Donnell to Gisele). Also, what do I need to do to be as tall as I look on the right? Because anything over 5'2" would be amazing. Also squared, I am really glad to be rid of that awful Kate Spade iphone case, it looks pretty but it was awful. Can I say awful enough about that case? AWFUL.

My Boilermaker training went ok-ish this week, ok in that I ran, not in that I wussed out on many of the runs. To be fair this week at work was brutal (with the next two weeks doubling that) and Father's Day was today which meant I spent almost all five miles crying like a damn loon. I ran though and that's what matters and I'm hopefule this week will be better. I already have plans to get up at 5:30am tomorrow to be done with my run before I have to leave.

Training week four:
Sunday 7 miles
Monday rest
Tuesday rest
Wednesday 2 miles
Thursday 2 miles
Friday rest
Saturday 3 miles

Total: 14 miles. Eh.

But what keeps me running? Refer to picture above combined with this and there is my motivation in a nutshell.

I just realized that my elbow is sunburned from driving today. Fist pound to the other pale white girls who understand my pain, I also have a weird patch on my back from not being able to put sunscreen on it yesterday (SPF 70 btw).

Can I tell you a secret? I have no desire to do laundry today so I will be running in dirty socks tomorrow and it won't be the first time that's happened. And now you know.

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