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Ding dong the ipod's dead.

My ipod died today and I'm pretty upset about it. It's the same ipod nano I've had since 2007 (I have another ipod but it's not the same shape and I let someone else use it for a year so it's full of bagpipe music that I am too lazy to figure out how to clear) so it's the longest relationship I've ever had. I'm not exactly sure what happened to it but I would be willing to guess that it has something to do with my dumb ass thinking it would be a good idea to run with it in my sports bra for the last 3 months. Sweat does nothing good for my hair so I can't imagine it does anything good for my ipod either. Can we have a moment of silence for my sweet little third gen ipod nano?

(UPDATE! I went to go take a picture of it and after drying out and a recharge it lives! I haven't plugged in my headphones yet to see if it's still making the crackling death cry it was earlier but I'll wait until tomorrow to push it).

In the meantime I'll provide you with a stock picture of its light blue amazingness while I allow it to recuperate on the charger.

I take the death of my ipod as a direct sign that I need to wean myself off of it and what better time to die than 1.5 miles into a 7 mile run? If you've been following my training plan (which I doubt you have because I can't even remember it unless I look it up) then last week my long run was 5 miles so this week I was supposed to bump it up to six. Somehow I ended up doing 7 though which is ok, better more than less. It wasn't a good run though: I was upset about my ipod, it was 80 degrees and humid by the time I started running at 10:30am (there was a race at the lake today so I wanted to wait for it to be done) so if felt like running through bath water and I hadn't had dinner last night so I was going on less than empty. The good news is that I did it although now I kind of want to die. Next week will be better!

Training Log, Week 3 (a day late):
Sunday: 5 miles
Monday: Dr appt so no running
Tuesday: 5 miles split (3 in am, 2 in pm)
Wednesday: 2 miles
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: RAIN! So no running

Total mileage for the week: 15

After my run I went to a waterfall I really love with a friend of mine which was a good time. I feel pretty lucky to live in a place where waterfalls are so abundant because they're my favorite and if I could spend every day at waterfalls my life would be complete.

Yes, that is a picture of me on the internet with no makeup on and my hair looking like hale. You're welcome.

Oh! I also finished painting my bedroom last night! Which, coupled with the 7 mile run this am, is the reason I can not move off this couch right now (so if someone could come clean out the bun's mansion that would be great). I really love the color and I can't wait to start changing things around and redecorating it because, you know, that's what Pinterest tells me I should do even though no one cares but me.

Sorry for the bad lighting, it was late. And no, I do not like that book as there is much talk of dead animals that I was not warned about so I doubt I will finish it.

Speaking of Pinterest I tried to make this last night and failed:

Chocolate frosting from coconut milk
It wasn't anything that I did that ruined it, I tried two different kinds of coconut milk that wouldn't set up properly. One can kind of did so I tried to make it anyway but I had to put a lot of sugar in it (I can't use stevia which is what the recipe calls for) which defeats the purpose of it being a healthy frosting replacement that I can eat directly from the bowl with no cake required. Oh well, at least I tried.

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