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I need your help...and you could get free Starbucks for it!

Crossfit posting will be back on Friday but here's what we did today:
Warmup was 100 jumping jacks with 5 push ups after every 20
WOD was the Hotshot 19 in honor of 9/11. It was created for the 19 firemen who lost their lives in Arizona in June.

6 rounds of:
30 squats
19 power cleans
7 pull ups
400m run

Did I mention that it's 90 degrees today? So I almost didn't go. But I was clearly rewarded for my determination because I was the only girl in a class of 8 guys plus 3 coaches. Remember when I said the tick pen day was the best day ever? I was wrong.

I mentioned last week that I am going to start training for a very special race and I need YOUR help with it.

On October 13 I am going to run A Run for Their Life, a 15K race that benefits a breast cancer research foundation here in central New York. It's a race that I have never done although I hear the course is kind of killer (aka my favorite kind).

Almost one year ago exactly one of the greatest women I have ever met was diagnosed with breast cancer. I, of course, freaked out because I can't handle anyone I know having cancer in any capacity but she took it like the amazing person she is, with strength and grace. If you were reading my blog back then you may remember that I was doing Curltember, where I was curling my hair every day in honor of her because she has amazing curly hair and had to shave it off. I never mentioned why I was doing it exactly but it was in solidarity of her, my awesome friend Libby.

She is now in remission and came out of it like a rockstar. To honor her journey and strength I am doing something I have never done before: I am fundraising for this race to make a donation in her name.

This race is not only important for me to fund raise in honor of her, it's also in honor of an amazing woman who is a friend of a friend who was recently rediagnosed with breast cancer. The money I can raise will directly impact her as she lives in Central NY (Libs is in St. Louis) but the research will benefit ALL women.

As I said I have never fund raised for a race before but I have donated to many others' endeavors and I am hopeful that you will help me reach my goal by October 14. Even if you can only donate $1 it's a dollar that they didn't have before.

I also have some incentive for this...

I am offering up two $10 gift cards to Starbucks in a drawing to anyone who donates. If you want to donate anonymously you can, just email me and let me know you did. After the race I will put everyone's name in a hat and draw out two winners and mail off your gift cards so you can enjoy a Pumpkin Spiced Latte or whatever else your heart desires (I've never had one since I can't have caffeine but my facebook and twitter are blowing up with proclamations of love about them so they must be good?).

So how do you donate and enter the drawing, you ask??

Just go to this link and donate on my donation page.

If the link does not take you to my page (you will see a picture of Libby and I and an awesome story about her if you're in the right place) then just search my name in the side bar where it says "sponsor participant". If you just donate to the general site it won't show up under my name or count towards my goal.

If you're on a smart phone and the link doesn't take you to my page make sure you click "non-mobile version" to get to the right webpage to search me (I found that out on my phone).

If you want to donate and don't know my last name to search me and my link doesn't work, thank you, I appreciate it! Just email me and I'll let you know what it is.

Thank you all so much in advance. I know how tight money can be and asking for donations is difficult but I really appreciate it and I know Libby and Kelly will, too!

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