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Crossfit week 5: I have a date tomorrow.

I got the greatest present of all time in the mail today from one of my ridiculously awesome friends:

I am sure you are asking yourself, "Is that TICKS in her pen?!".

Yes. Yes they are. Not real ones (that would be way too awesome) but still. In theory I'm sure they're meant to be modeled after deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis, the most common transmitter of Lyme disease in the Northeast) but the head seems to round.

Anyway.... It was too awesome not to show off. Best. Day. Ever.

Yeah yeah, my nerd is showing. Let me put the cap back on that...

Crossfit wasn't too killer today. Warm up was five rounds of running (a little less than 200m), 5 push ups, 10 squats, 15 full body sit ups. Workout was another AMRAP, 30 minutes, of 7 sit ups, 5 wall balls, 3 handstand push ups (I scaled that, there's no upper arm strength for that yet, so I put my feet up on a 24 inch box and lower my arms until my head touches the floor and back up) and one burpee. The goal was to do 30 rounds in 30 minutes.

At first I was wondering why everyone else was going so fast and then I realized that I was doing more reps with each move than required. Oops. The good news is I figured that out within my third round so I was good. But here's the annoying thing...there were two girls next to me who were going at about the same speed I was. I'm no good with directions but when it comes to speed my running years kick in and I'm pretty good at pace. At one point coach Karate Kid came around and asked where we were at. I said 19 and they said 26. 26?! I'm all for not doing the whole thing if you can't but don't be a liar. It gets you nowhere.

Lying is my number one pet peeve, in case you couldn't tell. I don't tolerate it in any capacity (particularly lying by omission but that's a whole other issue). But seriously, who are you hurting when lying in a case like this? Just yourself. So annoying.

Guess I won't be befriending those girls. I bet they're the type to steal your boyfriend and then pretend they didn't starting dating until after you broke up.

No, I don't think I'm overreacting at all. Why do you ask?


There's my rant of the week. I'm done now.

At the end of class we did sprints which I hate. I am not good at sprints and it's unlikely I ever will be. I can run full out, as hard as my body will go, and still be the slowest one every stinking time and barely be out of breath when I get past the stop line. It makes no sense. It frustrates me because I am really competitive and I hate losing (at anything, ever), especially when I am always with the other slow girls and I am often wearing some sort of random race shirt which then makes me look like a poser. So I asked my friend who goes to the same box and is a really amazing runner (as in I will never, ever run with him ever because it would be far too embarrassing for me) and here's what he told me:

I have no idea what he is talking about but now I have something to google.

After class I drove over to visit this hill I've been eyeing for the last few weeks. It's fairly close to my house and I've seen it a hundred times but since I've been spending more time over that way and passing it a lot more I keep thinking about how badly I want to run it. It's starting to consume all my running thoughts (don't judge, all it takes is one post to figure out my insanity with running) so I drove around it and mapped the mileage (about 1.2 miles from the route I figured out per my car) so tomorrow morning at 8am I have a date with myself to go run around this baby. If it goes well I may start doing my hill work over there because it's a lot closer than the lake I usually go to and a lot steeper...I think. I'll see what the elevation says on my Garmin and of course tell you all.

For some reason this picture does not show the proper steepness. And I kind of want to just run up the grass.

Anyway, sorry about the ticks at the beginning. Here's a gorgeous picture of the sky that I took when I was coming home from visiting the hill to make up for it.

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