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Crossfit week 2: It's hump day!

I'd like to start this post off with a moment of silence for one of my surround sound speakers and my third Wii sensor in a year and a half.

I'd also like to extend that moment of silence to the bun who will be in a pot as soon as I google a delicious recipe.

She will be missed.


The other day I cut four inches off my hair. 20% of this was powered by it being too long and heavy that it was pulling the curl out whenever I curled it (which is 5 days out of 7) and 80% of it was because I was tired of it being so long that it was whacking me in the face like a big sweaty tail whenever I was doing burpees and planks. Crossfit is already taking over my life.

My hair grows crazy fast though so it will be back in two months, never fear.

I am really starting to dread Wednesdays. Other than that awesome hump day commercial I have no use for them and that's because I go to crossfit and I have run club on the same day. Yesterday was sliiiightly less painful than last Wednesday but my legs were still really fatigued and my thighs were again not having it. We ran the SU Hill which is not *a* hill but more of a series of many hills and I only did 4 miles and then retreated back downtown to lay on the bar surrounded by glasses of water and a bunch of unsuspecting parents and freshman who were moving in and had no idea that their dinner would be interrupted by a bunch of sweaty runners who get excited over ice and mini cupcakes (shout out to Will for those...and for his amazing Irish accent that sounds like talking to an angel).

If you're wondering to yourself, "If you hate working out twice on Wednesdays then why are you doing it??" then you are asking yourself the same thing I asked through all 4 miles yesterday. But there is one main reason I am doing it: to condition my body more to pushing through fatigue. During the last three miles of any half marathon I run my body tends to get really tired from pushing so hard. Regular training runs aren't a problem, I could go forever, but I instinctively push it more in a race so it's hard to break through that wall sometimes. I am really trying to get used to mentally and physically pushing past that so that I can get closer to my goal. I usually run about a 2:20-2:30 half marathon (told you I was slow) but I want a sub 2 by next summer. I was hoping for it by this summer and was on course to do that but then we got a really nasty heat wave for a few weeks and my heat induced asthma that I haven't heard from in years kicked in and I couldn't run for a while. I had gotten myself back down to 9 minute miles (before I stopped running for a year due to my heart issues I ran 7:30-8 minute miles) and now I am hanging out in the 10-11 minute mile range. So one of the things I am working on is pushing through it so I can keep my pace up and keep pushing towards my goal.

The other reason I ran yesterday was because my anxiety level was at a mach 5 on a scale of 1-10. I can (and do) take in a lot of stress and take it and take it (sometimes for months) and then one day I just crack and hang out in a massive ball of anxiety for weeks. I'm in the middle of that right now and running really helps me focus but I haven't been running as much because of crossfit. Which is fine for me physically but mental it's killing me. Therefore I'm trying to get back into it as much as my legs (and back) will let me because I really miss not thinking...and for the most part I don't think at all when I run.

Cliff notes version:
Blah blah blah Mary runs too much blah blah she cut her hair blah blah talk more about the cupcakes.

As for crossfit yesterday it was another tough day but still awesome. Warm up was 15 minutes of running drills, workout was 5 stations of exercises (kettle ball, ring dips, sandbag squats, mountain climber type things but you had to bring your feet up next to your hands and box jumps) in rounds. First it was 35 seconds straight then 10 seconds to transition to the next station, then round two was 45 seconds with 8 seconds transition, round three was 55 seconds with 6 second transition, round four was 60 seconds with no transition. In between each round we did planks and I now have rug burn on top of rug burn which feels amazing (ha!). We ended the workout by playing cards which sounds fun but is not. Each of the four suits was a different exercise (V ups, full body sit ups, leg lifts and toe touches) and each card had a value. Jokers were 15 burpees. We tried to go through as many cards as possible (I think we got through 25?) and did that for 15 minutes and I am pretty sure I have never stared at a clock so much in my life. And the ring dips? I have to do them with the help of resistance bands (you loop the bangs through the rings and then put one knee in it and that helps you dip up and down when you have the upper body strength of  gnat) and I kept losing my balance to begin with so I was swinging all over the place like Tarzan except far less attractive and slightly less hair. It was fun though and I really liked it by the fourth round when I finally got my balance.

I hurt FAR less this week than I did last week and that's saying a lot so I am proud of my progress so far. My shoulder still hurts though which is a little concering but I'm pretty excited my abs hurt today. Why? Because I didn't know I had any, I thought the area between my chest and my thighs was just a Doritos reservoir. Crossfit is teaching me new things all the time.

On that note I will leave you with what I came home to yesterday...

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