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Crossfit day 2: The time I almost gave myself a concussion

First and foremost thank you all so much for your encouragement on my post yesterday. Last week was just a trifecta of suck so I'm just working through it all. Today was much better though so I'm doing pretty well at that, thank goodness.

In case you were dying of anticipation to know, I DID go to crossfit today and here are a few highlights from it:

-When a red haired girl gets really hot a sweaty she gets red all over in a not-so-attractive way. Think beet red face and arms and everything else which clashes wonderfully with her (my) hair. However it turns out that when a blonde tan girl gets really hot and sweaty they just get... way more attractive? Who knew. I think it's God's way of making it up to them that they weren't born a redhead. Makes sense, not everyone can be this awesome.

-I also learned not to wear mascara to crossfit. I had to go to my friend's work right beforehand which is full of architects and engineers so I didn't want to look like a hot mess but I sure did by the end of class. It turns out that "waterproof" does not equal "butt kicking proof".

-When I first got to class and they told us the warm up I totally gave my coach the side eye when he said we had to run to the end of the driveway and back. I was all, bitch please. The END of the DRIVEWAY?! And then as soon as we started I realized that everyone else understood that in secret code that means "sprint" and I remembered that I haven't done such a thing since tennis practice in high school and despite the fact that I could out run any one of them in distance any day, I got schooled again in suicide sprints that we did at the end of class. Crossfit: 1, Mary: 0.

-When I got home I texted my running partner something along the lines of, "I WAS THE SLOWEST ONE IN THE CLASS AND I CAN NOT HAVE THIS GAHHH!!!" to which he calmly replied, "I will start adding more speedwork into our runs". Bless his heart.

-As the newest girl I got put into a group last by my coach when we were breaking into our team competition for the day (I will spare you the details but it was 20 minutes straight of running, burpees, sit ups, rowing, barbells and dumbbells) and for a second I felt like the fat kid picked last in dodge ball. But then I told myself it's really because they save the best for last and I felt better (yes, I realize this is not true but go with me here, ok?).

-During an "awesome" exercise where I was required to pick a 20lb dumbbell up as fast as I could and swing it over my head I dropped it right on my head on the way back down on one pass and despite standing right next to me my coach didn't even flinch. I knew I liked him.

-I kind of have a headache now, not sure why...

And that's all I've got for you today, I'm heading out to run 4 or 6 easy miles to stretch out my legs because my thighs are feeling tight and then probably walk around downtown Syracuse wimpering for a while. Aka I am making up for the whine fest of yesterday, sorry about that! But thank you for reading it.

Happy Wednesday.

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