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Crossfit day 1: The time I thought I was going to die but didn't

I got a text this morning saying that the crossfit workout was really hard today.


So I replied, "aren't they all hard?" and he said, "yeah but not like this one".

To which I immediately thought, I am going to die.

Let me rewind a little bit to the last few days.

Friday I did nothing, basically because I couldn't move. You really do forget how hard it is to get up and down from your toilet when your legs are crying hysterically until it happens (again). Saturday I had a 4 mile race which would have been better if I wasn't throwing up right up until the time the gun went off but what can you do? I somehow made it through with a wretched time and face planted right into the cooler full of popsicles where I stayed for 20 minutes and then went home. Sunday I felt better, didn't throw up once, and ran 8.5 miles. Woo hoo, I say.

Today: Woke up at 4am throwing up. Yeah, life is that great. Don't worry though, it's all mental. I think? I have had a fever off and on but nothing major. But really, despite all of this being sick talk I am fine (really, it's stress, I'm under a lot). Anyway, got the text I mentioned above, got scared, went to Crossfit anyway because it was my first real class and there was no way I was missing it. As soon as I walked in my coach (who looks like Ralph Macchio, did I mention that? Like I really want to bring him chopsticks and ask him to catch me a fly to prove his worth) said, "Are you ready?? Did you eat today??". Um, no and no, Daniel son. Let's do this.

First we did a warm up of 45 seconds each of push ups, inch worms and rowing for 3 sets. Then we moved into 15 minutes of push ups, box push ups and back dips (there was a certain number of reps to do and those exercises are the scaled back version, there's no way I can do hand stand push ups yet). My arms were SCREAMING halfway through but it was good screaming (not to be confused with when I see broccoli screaming). After that we were split into teams of three and had to row 1500m collectively as fast as we could. I was with two guys and they were really nice and encouraging and HUGE so we got done pretty fast. It was nice to hear my coach say that I clearly have endurance, thank God for that or else all this running is for nothing, right? After that we did 7 minutes of ab work, one minute each of 7 different exercises.

Then I went to my car and died.

No, not really. I actually feel much better than I did on Thursday which is weird considering the workout was longer today. And I am actually really impressed with what I was able to do. I mean, I wasn't breaking any records or anything but I did better than I expected so I'll take it.

Here's the weird thing I noticed about how people were dressed though:
1) No one had a Road ID on (what happens if they go into cardiac arrest??)
2) No one was wearing anything neon pink or yellow or green
3) No one had on shorts with key pockets or built in underwear
4) No one was wearing fancy friction preventing socks
5) No one was wearing Brooks or Nikes or Mizunos. It was all Adidas and Reebok.
6) No one was wearing a race shirt

So....guess what I was wearing?

Looks like it's going to take a while to beat the runner out of me. At least I didn't wear my Garmin, that would have been embarrassing.

Oh, and look at this rug burn! Which I am going to ice as soon as I post this because my hands are on fire.

Those bruises are from the burpees I did on Thursday. Sexy, right?

Verdict after my first real day: is it tomorrow yet? I'm ready.

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