No lamb, no garden, no immaculate conception but there IS something about me.



Monday was awful.

Tuesday was worse.

Today was insurmountable.

I was convinced I was going to crack at any minute.

I had an hour car ride between appointments and I cried the entire way. It was THAT awesome of a day.

And then when I finally got home I found a big box containing this:

And also a small box containing this:

The first from a bunch of amazing coworkers and the second from a dear friend.

I cried when I opened it all. Like a baby. Because sometimes I get so caught up in the negatives that I forget to see all the positives around me. And it's not about the gifts (because ALL of it was a complete surprise, I had no idea) but more about knowing that there are people out there who have my back no matter what. That things can seem hard but I truly believe that if life was always easy then we would never appreciate the really good things.

Like today. Love, respect and thoughtfulness in the form of Hello Kitty and wine.

We don't drink a lot of wine 'round these parts but when we do, we like it good.

Just like our friendships.

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