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Crossfit Week 9: The first workout I didn't finish

Pandering section:

Did you know that I am running a 15k in just 6 days and raising money to benefit two awesome ladies I know who have been affected by breast cancer? I started out with a goal of raising $200 and I am currently at $460 and would love to reach $500 to donate in their names. If you donate you will be entered to win one of two $10 Starbucks gift cards I am supplying so it's a win/win situation for you (you get to help a good cause AND you could win free coffee)! Here's the link, help a sister out, would you? I would really appreciate it, even $5 counts!

Ok, now that that's done, crossfit today...I wussed out for the first time ever. Lame.

I got there a bit late because I was sitting in my car sending emails (shocker) so warm up was already going on when I walked in. It was 21, 15, 9 of burpees and jumping squats. I was soaked because we were having torrential downpours at the time I ran from my car to the door and I kept sliding all over the mat which wasn't helpful. Also by the fifth burpee in I had a terrible pain in my lower right abdomen. I'm not sure if I pulled a muscle on Friday from the 100 burpees we did but it wasn't feeling great. I scaled back on the burpees a bit and did 20, 13 and 9 and forgot about it.

Workout was a partner workout. We did 45 seconds each and then switched places to rest for 45 seconds for 5 rounds and then changed machines. The stations were the rower (my Love <3), the bike and the ski machine. I did great on the rower, ok on the bike and died on the ski machine. I'm not sure why, my arms were just really hurting and I felt really fatigued despite the fact that I took a rest day yesterday and only ran 4 miles Saturday (I'm tapering for my 15k on Sunday). I got through it though and then we did 5 minutes of jump ropes. After that we were supposed to do 25 burpees but for every 25 double unders we did (meaning the jump rope goes under your feet twice before they hit the ground) you could take off 5 burpees. I am decent at jump roping and was trying the double unders but it just wasn't happening so I needed to do the full 25 burpees. I did my first one and the pain in my abdomen was really sharp and it took my breath away so I tried a few more and then gave up and went home. I felt like a total jerk because of it but I don't really like pushing myself when something is that painful and who knows what it is. It could just be a random pain but I'd rather let it rest and walking away from 20 burpees won't kill me. I feel pretty strongly about training smart and if something hurts I know when to stop (unless I'm running, that's a whole different ball game).

I'm also having this weird thing where after the last 3 crossfit classes I have attended I get a migraine immediately when I leave. Today it started in the middle of the workout so I usually get in my car, drive to McDonald's and get a small Coke (I can't have caffeine because it will give me a migraine but it will also help take it away if I can get it soon after the onset). It's a strange thing and I'm not loving it because, hello, pain. And who likes that?

In non-whiny, I don't really have any. Sorry, kids. I'll be even more whiny soon because I am really going to try to go Paleo for a few weeks and see if it makes my head (and stomach, I've been having a lot of issues with that, too) feel better. It's probably all stress related but if I can improve it with diet and exercise then I'll be happy but I will really miss cheese. And the 7 sweet potatoes a week that I eat (I'm going to try to cut them back, wish me luck).

I need some good things to end this with:
-I have awesome friends who have donated far more to my race than I ever thought I would get
-I convinced someone at crossfit last week to start running with me (only took me 8 weeks to pull someone over to the dark side but whatever)
-I met my friend's neighbors last night who are runners and it was fun to talk to them
-There was a guy at crossfit today who looked like Captain America and it made me far too happy to look at him
-I can do a LOT more burpees than I could 8 weeks ago and that's saying something
-My arms look like this now because of it (and all that picking heavy stuff up and putting it back down):
-My girls sat next to each other for almost five minutes the other day with no hissing, spitting or swatting. How flipping cute are they?

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