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Crossfit week 8: There is no such thing as "can't".

I have a confession.

I missed a full week of crossfit.

But I have a reason!

I probably should have warned you there would be a bloody picture but I think you can handle it.

Here's the timeline:

Last Monday: Went to crossfit at 5am which is not my normal class. Got some help from an awesome lady I know from running and the morning coach (she is 500 times more awesome than my usual coaches, it took her all of five minutes to ask my name and help me with form and if she wasn't leaving soon I would go to that class daily just to have her coach me).

Wednesday: Missed crossfit due to not feeling well. Felt better by the evening so I went running with some friends. 15 feet into the run I hit an exposed anchor screw in the concrete and faceplanted/skidded 3 feet across the concrete earning me my first injury from a running related fall. Ran 5 miles on it anyway, thus the beautiful display of artwork on my calf (see picture).

Thursday: Planned to go to crossfit but my knee was in bad shape and I end up on them there a lot. Pouted about it but accepted it. I think I might have run 4 miles though? Pretty sure I did.

Friday: Pouted more. I am an accomplished pouter.

Saturday: Ran a 5k. I hate 5k's (you probably know this) but it was a friend's race for the food pantry at his church so I did it anyway and had a lot of fun because it was really small and I knew a lot of the people there. I crossed the finish line with everyone yelling my name, it was pretty awesome. I even got to heckle the cops which is always fun.

Sunday: Ran 10 miles. Boom.

Monday: Knee still hurt but I went to crossfit anyway. Tried to keep my massive bandage on it but it came right off. Workout and warmup had me on my knees more than any other one in 8 weeks, of course. Almost cried at one point but told myself to stop being a weenie and got through it. But it sucked, in case you were wondering. Suuuuuucked.

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles with my two favorite running guys and they pushed me HARD. Ok, I pushed them but the harder I run the harder they run and then I run even harder and then they run even harder and it just keeps going. AKA one of the best runs I have had in a long time, they're the best.

Wednesday: Knee felt much better, kicked some butt at crossfit (there was rowing involved which is the love of my life). Then I tried to run that night but I was really drained from not eating enough all day and only made it 2.5 miles before coming home and face planting on my couch.

Thursday: Looked at my training log and realized I hadn't taken a rest day in a while so I made myself do that. I don't always love rest days and Thursday was one of them.

Today (Friday): Went to crossfit. Warm up was 3x 200m run, 5 cleans, 10 pushups, 15 sit ups. Workout was 30 clean and jerks, one mile run, 50 kettle ball swings, one mile run, 100 burpees.




Everything from my chest up currently hurts. Everything. But it was worth it because...

I was able to fit into this dress this week.

This dress has a story. A story linked very closely to around the time I met that guy I was supposed to marry that one time (he really doesn't deserve a proper name anymore). So when we (he) broke up over a year and a half ago I promised myself I would fit into it again someday (I actually said 6 months but for the sake of this let's say someday).

(cue cheesy movie music)...

This week that day happened.

I wish I could explain to you what that means to me. It's not about the dress, really (because let's be honest, where am I planning on wearing this thing?). It's about never giving in. Never saying, "I can't". Never letting the past dictate your future. Never letting anyone else define you. Never giving yourself a timeline or beating yourself up for not accomplishing something faster.

Just keep pushing. The day will come.

I promise.

*I still really miss Doritos though. I hope they understand that like Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston once said, I will always love you.

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