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The other day I was sitting on the couch looking at my Christmas lights that are still up that I had no desire to take down and decided they were boring. So last night the bun and I drank some wine, cut up a bunch of ribbon, chewed on the spools (after 2 glasses of wine I am not sure who did what in that list) and turned those boring lights into this:

I am pretty positive that I will never take them down now.

Fast forward to this morning. After I went for my run and picked up my stuff for my race tomorrow I decided that I couldn't live another minute without gold spray paint in my life. I went to Home Depot to pick some up (in case you were unaware a can of spray paint at a craft store is about $15 and at a home improvement store is about $4) and discovered that they put the metallic paint on the very top shelf. Because, you know, all those 6ft+ guys are definitely going in for gold spray paint so they should be kept in a convenient spot for them. Never fear though, I stood on a can of paint to reach it. Take THAT for problem solving, Home Depot! This picture is proof that I was standing on my tip toes on a can of paint and could still barely reach it (multitasking FTW!).

For the record I do not have chubby meat hooks. My hands are very small it just appears that this angle is the equivalent of the double chin camera angle for hands.

After proving that I wouldn't let "the man" get me down and deny my shiny paint needs I came home and did what I do every winter when I decide I want to spray paint something: I set up shop in the corner of the kitchen and went to town. Sadly, two things happened: 1) Neither can of paint is exactly what I was looking for so my current painting project will be tabled until I get some more and 2) The last time I spray painted inside I did not have the bun. After I found her hiding in the back of her cage behind her hay box with a glassy look in her eyes appearing as if she belonged on an intervention episode of Dr. Phil I decided that my days of spray painting inside are over. Which really is too bad because it was a good time while it lasted, Trixie even thought so. Once I accidentally got her tail as she was doing a drive by nosy cat inquiry and it was pink for a few weeks (which, come to think of it, was way more effective than that one time I tried to dye her paws pink with Koolaid when I was in college).

After I abandoned my spray painting I decided to get to business and finally frame some stuff I got for Christmas, rearrange my living room and rewire some of my surround sound speakers that the bun got to several months ago. The speakers came out ok-ish but my living room rearranging came out perfect! Yes, it's girly but it's my house so I can do what I want! Or something... So one wall is exactly what I want it to be and I only have three more to go.

I rounded out my evening by chasing Trixie around the living room until she bit me in the foot, building a cardboard fort for the bun to chew her way out of and buying a pair of bright red boots for no other reason than because I am going to DC for the first time next weekend and my app said it might rain. "Might" is close enough to "Will" for me which totally justifies the purchase of bright red boots that I may or may not have a reason to wear more than once a year. And don't try to convince me otherwise!

I wonder if I can get away with wearing them to work and somehow have them fall into the "business casual" catgory?

Now I'm going to shove a few fistfuls for mini chocolate chips at my face and watch Hook while I bead some necklaces and try to forget that I have my first 5k race tomorrow since I got back on the running bandwagon and have only 7 weeks until my half marathon.

The end. Keep it classy, San Diego.

PS: After writing this post I spell checked it and saw that Blogger tried to change the word "rearranging" to "rear raging". Probably the best part of my whole day, no lie, I almost died laughing.

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  1. I just pinned your lights on pintrest, I hope you don't mind. They are super sassy and I thought I would share them with the rest of the world

    <3 andrea